maandag 29 september 2014

''I like to think: there's a clarity in fall....''

 “I notice that Autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature.
Friedrich Nietzsche

 Isn´t it?!.............

I don't know why,but I've always very special feeling by Fall.....
  I like to think: there is a clairity in Fall:)

 LOVE enormousley Fall colors in my little garden and on the  beach....                                                                            
 They are completely different not only by the intensity,                      
But especially by the ambience in the air....

   And by that peacefulness around of you:)*

It is almost impossible to explain all the feelings there,but you understand me                                
I know......Irresistable or overwhelming me feelings like to know who I am                                           and why I'm here....

      Here we are....
      Walknig trought the beautiful sunshine midday in September,the last days of  September!:)*                                                                          

    We have still gloriously magical weather here in our little Fairytale Holland...........        

    Did you do you want  to walking there with me?!...........

    For me September was felt with most pleasant surprises and a very intense joy:)))*

 VERY colorful and and extraordinarily precious.....we had to visit my son and my daughter in law       with  my one of the sweetest grandson in the world-Fedor!'

  Endless conversations,

  Sometimes laughing, crying and enjoying being together,

  Enjoying every minute!:)))*

   Everything has to be tested and learned....


And then we are in Amsterdam to shop.......It was one of the beautifullest and inspirational day to me!:)*
I was increadibly inspired by Doce&Gabbana Fall-Winter 2015 collection,especially all these  masterpieces  so close and still be able to fit everything!

Look at this....
And I hope you can enjoy these like as I did!
I had enjoyed all these masterpieces and made an inspiration,mixed with the images of the nature here in Holland.....

                                                     Isn't it a very beautiful Fairytale.ladies?!.....

                                                              Happy Autumn everyone!!!

                                                                           Much LOVE!:)*

All images are mine except one first image with a gorgeous Nicole Kidman photographed by Will Davidson for Harper's Bazaar AU.

10 opmerkingen:

Catherine Robinson zei

Oh, Violetta I love the quote by Friedrich Nietzsche...
I think it is my favourite season...beautiful images as always.
A very Happy Autumn to you too ;) xx

Ann zei

Your grandson looks so cute and adorable♥
Oh how I love Fall
the outfits, the colors, and the cool crisp air it brings.

Madelief zei

Dear Violetta,

Although I am very much a spring person, I have learnt to see the beauty of autumn. You are right the colours are magical!However what I like most is the light, the diffuse sort of light that you only have in autumn!

I am so happy for you your son and his little family came over for a visit! You made some lovely photo's of them.

Beautiful DG dress too!!

Happy week!

Madelief x

Castles Crowns and Cottages zei

My sweet and great friend! HALLO!

I just got home from work and found your new post and your kind words on my new post. THANK YOU! Isn't this the most wonderful time of year? We have played in the sunshine, in our gardens, at the beaches, and now, our memories are falling from the sky, covering us in rains of gold. Enjoy every moment of it! Now, is that YOU in the photos with the baby, or your daughter??????

LOVELY FRIEND, I wish you a perfect new week into October! Anita

martinealison zei

Bonjour ma chère Violetta,

Je viens de passer un très agréable moment en ta compagnie.
J'aime la délicatesse de chacune de tes photos sélectionnées avec soin et certaines assemblées avec beaucoup d'application.
Ton billet est artistiquement beau. J'aime l'attention que tu sais leur apporter. Ils ressemblent à tes créations. Ils sont TOI !

Je suis très heureuse de faire la connaissance de ton fils, de sa belle épouse et de leur adorable petit garçon. Tu es une "mamie" comblée.
Les photos que tu as capturées d'eux sont superbes. De très beaux souvenirs accompagnés de bons mots.

J'aime comme tu parles de l'automne qui pour moi est une saison que je n'aime pas spécialement. C'est une saison qui me rend si nostalgique... Je reconnais cependant qu'elle nous offre des couleurs sublimes.

Je te fais plein de
Gros bisous ♡

Castles Crowns and Cottages zei

My sweet Violetta! Thank you for coming by again! WEll, I bet you are just as beautiful as this young lady here in the photos! Your writing and kindness are as beautiful as a smiling face. BIG HUGS dear friend! Anita

Natalia | Fashioned by Love zei

Виолетта, у Вас такая красивая семья, столько любви и тепла, даже с экрана передается! xxx

miss b zei

What a delightful post and you have captured the new season so well with your autumnal photos. I love the way you presented the beautiful outfits with photos of nature in perfectly matching colours too. Lovely pictures of your son, daughter-in-law and cute grandson.

Champagne Macarons zei

Bonjour my dear friend! It looks like you are enjoying this beautiful family and season. I can see the love beaming from your family. There is nothing better is there?
I agree,there is so much inspiration around us. I, too, love and welcome this time of year.. the changing colours and autumn fashions.
Wishing you a most beautiful week, Violetta! I always love your visits - thank you! Xx, Brenda

Victoria zei

Hello beautiful friend! wow...gorgeous and deeply meaningful post..such beauty... love your family photos..and the trees and florals..amazing colors..also such fun to see those awesome fashions..mesmerizing!! Thank you for sharing this beautiful dream and adventure! Your photography is amazing! I love Autumn too, it is my favorite time of year! HUgs and kisses Violetta!