vrijdag 13 september 2013

Tremendous NYFW inspirations-Spring 2014....My favorites and the thougths behind of it:)*

Hello all my dear friends,
I know,I know....Fabulously great NYFW behind of us.And another event is almost arrived in London.
But today is Friday,right?!....
And I want to share with you my most favorite designs from the last NYFW:)*
The most thing I always ask:where all designers took inspiration from,where is the source of their creativity....That SO inspired me every year and every season again and again!
Yes of course there are much intriquing themes for each designer and everyone interprets own ideas in his own way!
Oscar de la Rente-one of my mostly favorites:always beyond elegant and breathless feminine,always with a gorgeous deatils,wich let my heart run much faster!:)* 

Why one designer takes you more than others...?
There are SO much reasons,but I think that the mostly great talent of designer is make-design, which will satisfy all tastes and that makes an unique,just ''only one'' in a big fashion world.
Here is magnificent and always extremely elegant and so wearable in our daily life,isn't it?!-designs of Carolina Herrera...

Oh,my....I talk perhaps to much,I am sory:)*

Here is another brilliant designer from my favorites:Donna Karan,
Here is always the flair and fabulously great fabrics....

 This is to die for.....

Continue here are also great ideas, which make my heart blooming...
Absolutely fascinating Vera Wang!

Sometimes I have a regret that I can not speak perfect english and mainly writing in English,because of because of the emotions and to find the right words by...That people can say:''It touches me''!-exactly the same as in the creation of a designer.
Here is Rachel Zoe,amazing and totally favorite in all details and in style:

Michael Kors-perfect fit and modern forever,timeless designs...

And: YES,YES,YES...Ralf Lauren beautiful designs with a breathtaking great elegance and perfect shape!

Wishing all of you and everyone beautiful weekend,ladies!

Much Love,


Images are from Tumbrl.com,Vogue,Harper's Bazaar.

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Catherine Robinson zei

Oh, Violetta...such a wonderful selection of elegance...I agree with you...Oscar de la Renta is one of my favourites too...such simplicity and grace in all his designs...how I would love one of his creations in my wardrobe :)
Have a lovely weekend.

VM Creation Atelier zei

Yes,would being happiest lady,I think,Catherine....!!!:)))

Victoria zei

Hello beautiful Violetta...another super inspiring post..all of these gorgeous clothes are stunning..I would love to wear all of them!So many wonderful styles and looks..amazing! Thanks for inspiring always!!
Fabulous ...and such fun!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages zei

Violetta my dear one! Ralph Lauren, how I love that black and white outfit with the black boots! Enjoy your weekend my friend! Anita

Inna zei

Всн дизайнеры в этом показе супер, но мне больше понравились Mickail Kors, Donna Karan,


Stunning designs, my personal favourite's are Donna Karan and Ralph Lauren. Please if you get a chance I would love you to check out my blog! x

Madelief zei

Dear Violetta,

I enjoyed your photo's from the New York fashion week. Especially the dresses by Caroline Herrera and Ralph Lauren are beautiful. I like their style, although it's quite different.

Will you be visiting the London fashion week? If so, have fun!

Happy Sunday dear friend!

Madelief x

lorenabr zei

Gorgeous exquisite pieces!

Castles Crowns and Cottages zei

Ma chère Violetta! THANK YOU for coming to visit me today! It makes my heart so glad to know you, to enjoy your posts and to know you come to leave me a kind word. Wishing you a magnificent new week! Anita

London Loafers zei

So many amazing looks! So gorgeous !


Fashion-isha zei

Hi Sweety!
I love your choices they're are so fem and gorgeous!

Victoria zei

Wishing you a beautiful day Violetta. How magical to revisit this gorgeous and inspiring post..stunning fashions ..always so much to enjoy..explore and dream of! Thank you my friend!
Hugs and kisses!

Marsha Splenderosa zei

Darling, I'm commenting again! Beautiful post, lots of lovlies, but Oacar's? The best. xx's

VM Creation Atelier zei

Donna Karan& Carolina Herrera is for SURE-mostly favs.too,Marsha!:-)*


Natalia | Fashioned by Love zei

I love your choices, Violetta, especially the last dress from the Vera Wang collection - so beautiful! x