zondag 1 september 2013

Hello Autumn....!:)*Happy first day of Fall!

Hello,all my dear readers!
Can you believe that autumn already arrived...?!

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I love a new scent in the air, and very relaxde little chilly nights....and of course a major change in the colors around me!:)*
I love Autumn...................

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Doutzen Kroes for Victorias Secret( july 2012)....

Beautiful inspiring me colours: shades of brown,gold and purple-red and just red!!!

I was beyond inspired by one article of Valentina Zannoni (www.swide.com)

''Sensual,feminine,iconic: red has won the accolade of the womanliest colour for decades,and in 2014,it is lso the fashion colour of choice. Magazines and celebreties have certainly embraced the trend,and woman everywhere take heed if this advice: red is the new black.''
By Valentina Zannoni,

“Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.” 
Lauren DeStefanio,Wither

Have a beautiful Fall everyone!

Much love,

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Castles Crowns and Cottages zei

Ma chère amie! GOOD MORNING! We are here....it is September, and I wish you a magnificent start to a new year of joy. I go back to teaching this Tuesday and I am very excited to meet my students.


lorenabr zei

Thanks for stopping by dear Violetta :)
Gorgeous post as always!

Madelief zei

Dear Violetta,

I love wearing red as well, but not too often! It's so striking! You really capture the attention. I love wearing black and ink blue in winter. I always feel comfortable and chique wearing an outfit in these colours.

Een fijne nieuwe week & dank je wel dat je altijd van die lieve berichtjes achterlaat!

Madelief x

Castles Crowns and Cottages zei

Chère Violetta! YES, school is starting Tuesday and I am very excited to get back to see my new students! I used to teach 10 year olds, now I will be teaching 14, 16 and 17 year old students!

Thank you my dear for leaving a comment. Blogging is such a wonderful art and community-building work! HUGS, Anita

Natalia | Fashioned by Love zei

Beautiful post, Violetta! I don't know if it's autumn or something else, but I found myself craving those shades of red recently... Such a gorgeous rich colour! Perfect for the season. Wishing you a beautiful autumn! x

Catherine Robinson zei

Such GORGEOUS red images...I adore Autumn...wishing you a beautiful autumn/fall too, Violetta :-)
Have a great week.

Victoria zei

Hello beautiful Violetta..what a gorgeous and inspiring post of Autumn's magnificent color palette! I Love all of the images you shared...I too love the deep and rich exquisite colors..red..deep wines and maroons..ambers and golds..fires... I love it all! Yay red is the new black..sounds magnificent to me!
HUgs and blessings...wishing you a magical Autumn!
Thanks for sharing such an inspiring post of beauty!

martinealison zei

Bonjour ma très chère Violetta,

Je suis très heureuse de te retrouver après ma longue absence estivale... Tu m'as beaucoup manquée.

Je suis aussi très contente de pouvoir feuilleter virtuellement les pages de ton blog et d'y admirer l'ensemble de tes merveilleuses photos.
L'été laisse doucement sa place à Madame Automne... Très vite les couleurs et les senteurs ne seront plus les mêmes.
Nous-même, nous allons troquer nos tee-shirts contre des pulls plus chauds...
La tendance avec les nuances de rouge conserve tout de même la chaleur de l'été... Autrefois, je n'aimais pas porter du rouge... C'est seulement depuis l'an dernier que j'ai commencé, incitée par mon ami,à porter un pantalon rouge, puis j'ai acheté l'automne dernier des adorables chaussures rouges (qui vire plus sur la couleur d'un bon vin de Bordeaux !! ☺)...
Cet été aussi je me suis achetée des petites chaussures rouges !...
Mais je vais m'y mettre encore plus pour cet automne !

Je te fais de gros gros bisous. Je te remercie également pour ton très gentil commentaire. J'aurais bien aimé pouvoir te rencontrer à Fayence.

miss b zei

I'm a fan of summer but you are right that autumn is full of gorgeous rich colours. I have been seeing so much red around and you have selected lovely rede images here. I don't have any red in my wardrobe but I was thinking about starting with accessories in red this autumn.Thank you so much for taking the time once again to write such a lovely comment on my Istanbul post - I really appreciate your visits!

Joey Leung zei

The burgundy/maroon/purpley red is definitely a warm colour and perfect for the autumn. I can't wait to start wearing these colours and start layering!
Loved this post, thanks for sharing!:)


Inna zei

Мне тоже стала нравиться начало осения, сентчбрь и начало октября. Тепло и солнечно, но уже буйство красок....а потом дожди и зима ..

Fashion-isha zei

What a gorgeous post!

Fashion-isha zei

Oh my! What gorgeous photos! I love that Dolce and Gabbana ad..my favorite!

em.me.ma zei

what a beautiful post!! i frogot how much I love this dark burgundy colour!

Floral Bow zei

Perfect and gorgeous. what a Beautiful post of Autumn's magnificent color palette! Thanks for sharing the wonderful ideas.... Its really a great help..!!!