donderdag 22 augustus 2013

Two pleasant summer days in Begium and a fun event...:)*

Hi,hi,hello,my dear friends!:)*

Last week I was nice surprised by my dearest husband....
One of our friends did an event in Belgium,near cozy  and so cute picturesque city Gent in Lochristi village.
Event has name: ''Cake & Textile''

The purpose of this event was:
An absolute top tasty dishes at brunch in a beautifully located restaurant,combined with a presentation of several women's clothing stores in Belgium from their new collections....
Sounds nice!:)*

Truly amazing garden by the restaurant....Can't resist it and made some photos:)*

I like this garden and SO invited,SO inspirational corners there.....

It seems like a bride....:)*This is very romantic place for a people who want to celebrate a wedding  or perhaps just make a pleasant evening!

Was also very elegant and stylish served inside the restaurant with a fantastic service......

Then it was brunch  time started I did not know what I saw..........
it was a lot of choice of the best things!:)))*
Can you imagine ALL these with a very charming and beautiful music!


Oh....I think,these delicious eating story was enaugh,right?!:)*

The second part of this event was a presentation of some womans clothes collections.
I was really curious.......................
To my regret I can not make nice pictures of the fashion show of some stores, who entered.
The stage was very low and all the seats were not good enough position to take the photos:(

To get a little impression  I picked some photos of clothes from the internet....
these are obviously not as alive as from the fashion show,but:)*

Look at these:
Opinionated and modern style of Black

Feminine girl from: Karolien

And very lovely Vintage style of :

And absolutely fantatsic : women's tailored clothes.

Only a few images of it...
I has enjoyed these days so very much!
I hope you do not get bored while reading this post!:)*

Wish all of you and everyone beautiful weekend,

Much Love,

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Diana zei

Oh, so nice event, dear Violetta!

Much Love from Riga!

Natalia | Fashioned by Love zei

What a wonderful event!!! Everything looks and sounds so wonderful and I absolutely adore Kollektie-Eva clothes - so chic! x

Madelief zei

Hi Violetta,

What a lovely place to have a fashion show! The interior, the all looks beautiful! Happy to hear you enjoyed it so much. Is that you on the photo? You look smashing!!!

Have a lovely weekend!

Madelief x

Castles Crowns and Cottages zei

Oh sweet Violetta, HOW LOVELY to have a visit from you today, then to come HERE to this magical land. There are many places in Europe that I love, France being one of them, then England, but BELGIUM has to be my next stop to see this land of fairytale homes and gardens! THIS IS SPECTACULAR! That arbor with you (you look so pretty!!!!) with the ribbons hanging down! MAGIC!

Thank you for this wonderful view of life in a place that I hope remains to be so enchanting! HUGS DEAR VIOLETTA! Anita

lorenabr zei

Gorgeous event!

Inna zei

Виолетта, просто восхитительные фотографии. Сразу видно, что вы чудесно провели время with your dearest husband....Здорово, пишите в блог почаще, у вас очень качественные фотографии)

Castles Crowns and Cottages zei


These pictures of yours, this second time upon seeing them, are even more glorious than ever! I really love that arbor with the ribbons. I must try that next summer for a party!

Thank you dear friend for coming to visit today! LOVE is the best and most powerful force in the world, isn't it? Anita

Victoria zei

Wow stunning you are..such a beautiful picture of you in a very magical setting! The garden is amazing and so very beautiful...totally remarkable and so enchanting...blissful! And yes very elegant place..thanks for sharing it..! I love all of the fashion too..such fun and beauty!
Thanks for sharing your magical world once again...the garden has captured my heart!!

Gorgeous Glam zei

So pretty! I love all the flowers! And all of the fashion is great! Hope you are having a wonderful start of the week! I haven't forgotten about your interview! Please leave me you email address where I can send you my interview questions for my blog! xoxo -Taj

Fashion-isha zei

Those flowers are gorgeous! What a beautiful post!