maandag 17 juni 2013

Come back from the dream vacation time...Part FOUR :)*

Beautiful Summer days are in full flowering!
 I have to share more with you about our vacation time in Spain& France...:)*
Unforgettable huge nice time.
Have a beautiful week ahead!

Andalusia,Granada......and Enchanting Alhambra Gardens!!!

´´Not a cloud was in sight, a gentle breeze was blowing...and I gave
   myself another pinch to be sure this wonderful experience was real.´´

I didn't realized it at time,but this morning would hold such unique moments.................:)))*

The gardens of theAlhambra show the influence of Persian Garden philosophy and style in a Moorish Palace scale, from the era of Al-Andalus in Spain. The Taj MahalTaj is one of the largest Persian Garden interpretations in the world, from the era of the Mughal Empire in India...........

Oh,my dear friends.....I can not tell you how great impression have made this place on my mind...

''Do you ever wonder
At the wonder of it all?
Do you ever stand in awe
of the tiniest things
and how perfectly they work together?......''

by Ralph Marston.

''Do you ever wonder
why it is you wonder
and why you know what beauty is
even though you can't define it?....''

by Ralph Marston.

That was to me one beautiful  Magic place....:)*

Enjoy your week,my dear friends,
Much Love,

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dustjacket zei

OH just loving these photographs...just a bit envious...thanks for sharing xoxo debra

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou zei

Hi lovely! Oh MY, such beautiful photos and I can feel how much you fell in love with it all!!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us! The fruit on the tree was so colorful and magica ;) xoxo ~S

SANDY M Illustration

martinealison zei

Ma chère Violetta,
Je vous envie beaucoup ! Vos photos sont merveilleuses. Les mots qui les accompagnent raffinés...
Je pense, comme souvent lorsque j'ai la chance d'admirer des lieux magiques, que cela n'est pas possible que ce soit si beau ! et je suis là à vouloir profiter de chaque seconde avec cette crainte que demain je ne reverrai plus ces merveilles ! Que le jour qui se lèvera aura enlevé la magie qui entoure ce lieu !
Je ne sais pas si je parviens à décrire ce que je ressens ! Et la beauté de vos photos produisent ce sentiment.
Je vous fais de gros bisous.

Vous êtes la petite fée qui apparaît sur certaines de vos photos !

Champagne Macarons zei

Such loveliness, Violetta. I think beauty is a feeling you get... you know it when you see it. The saying, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" holds so true.
Wishing you a wonderful week! xoxo, B

lorenabr zei

Looks wonderful!

Marsha Splenderosa zei

I love your interpretation of history, Violetta. It's perfect. The Byzantine arches, and all the writings on the walls are Farsi, the Persian language. Not Arabic. Brilliant that you noticed all this in a holiday mood, all is just beautiful, as you are. xx's

Diana zei

Violetta, such a wonderful post! I'm looking on pictures and everything reminds me Portugal... The Blue Sky, Sun, Architecture, Blooming Wisteria, Oranges...
Thank you for bringing memories:)

With Love,

Fashion-isha zei

Wow! Your photography is beautiful. I'd love to visit these's a dream!

Diana Daron zei

Alhambra... This place is forever in my heart!:) I love Spain!

Diana Daron zei

hi dear! I really like your blog! lovely photos! I follow you in bloglovin!
again I will write a comment)))

Catherine Robinson zei

Stunning photographs again, Violetta...I feel like I could pick an orange from the tree :-)
Have a wonderful weekend.

Issa Tchieu zei

Super gorgeous pictures. What a place to be at! the garden is phenomenal!

Karen Albert zei

Dear Violeta I love hearing and seeing all of these wonderful images of your amazing vacation.
Oh and we both like Ralph Marston!!

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Champagne Macarons zei

thank you for stopping by and your kind words! Wishing you a most beautiful weekend, my friend.
xoxo, B

Paris Pastry zei

My dear! This looks like heaven! I'm glad you loved Spain :)
I booked a week to Barcelona just yesterday for this Summer! Can't wait!

Much love,

Victoria zei

Wow..what a magical post my many enchanting full of poetry and dreams..stunning!
Gorgeous photos..thanks for sharing such magnificent beauty and a wonderful adventure! I love every picture!!
Have a fabulous week full of sunshine and blessings