maandag 10 juni 2013

Come back from the dream vacation time,Part Three:)))*

''Do you ever realize that
no matter how much you may know,
no matter how many wonders you may have experienced,
there will always, always be more?''

By Ralph Marston .

Here we go through Spain.............................
(Photo above is Benidorm).
This is the next one place in Spain,wich does impressed me realy much...........Guadalest,Costa Blanca!:)*

The most visited village of the Costa Blanca is undoubtedly Guadalest.
The village is strongly influenced by the Arab domination and those influences today are still much in evidence.

Before reaching the village, you have already an impressive ride sit up. Guadalest is located in a mountainous landscape and is difficult to reach. The village is divided into two parts by an earthquake.

I had feeling like I can fly.....................:)))*

Much walking, snapping incredibly frieze air, which can be tested only in the high mountains,incradible great feeling!!!
´´Not a cloud was in sight, a gentle breeze was blowing...and I gave myself another pinch to be sure this wonderful experience was real.´´

My next post is about one of the most famous gardens in the world-Alhambra Gardens in Andalusia!!!


I wish all my dear friends beautiful week,filled with lots of inspirations and just fun moments:)))*

Much Love,

Thank you dear Noel for this poem.... I read today in a very sensitive and beautiful post of her:


All images made by me:)*

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lorenabr zei


Karen Albert zei

Violetta, So very beautiful and true, we always have more adventures to look forward to!

Art by Karena
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The Gossamer Tearoom zei

Dearest Violetta,
Thank you for sharing even more beautiful photos from your vacation! I can see why you fell in love with Costa Blanca! It's so lovely!

Your visits to The Tearoom always make my day happier!

Wishing you a wonderful week!

Catherine Robinson zei

Beautiful photographs Violetta...the art of travel and a camera...nothing lovelier :-)
Have a lovely day.

Madelief zei

It all looks so beautiful Violetta. Your photo's make me want to go to Spain too! Happy week,

Madelief x

Victoria zei magical and totally beautiful..your posts are always full of beauty and life and very inspiring my friend!I love the amazing...and such pretty flowers dancing!
Gorgeous! Wishing you a wonderful day! are such a beautiful soul!

Champagne Macarons zei

Dearest Violetta,
your photos are beautiful as always... thank you for sharing! What an amazing place to visit. I would pinch myself too! Travel is one of my favourite things <3
xoxo, B

Champagne Macarons zei

Wishing you a lovely weekend, mon ami! xoxo, B

Castles Crowns and Cottages zei

Violetta! HALLO MIJN VRIENDIN! I have not practiced my Dutch in so long!

You are so kind to come and visit me and leave a comment! I will still be around, just very busy with a poetry writing class, so no blog posts for a while. Oh you are just a sweet friend for coming to visit! Anita

martinealison zei

Bonjour ma chère Violetta,
Quel bonheur que de vous lire aujourd'hui et d'admirer vos photos qui me coupent le souffle tant elles sont merveilleuses... j'aurais bien aimé vous accompagner !
C'est un endroit que je ne connais pas du tout. En mai, j'ai passé un séjour magnifique à Lisbonne. Connaissez-vous ? Si non, je vous conseille de vous y rendre. Vous serez admirablement conquise.

Un grand merci pour votre gentil message. J'espère que votre petite-fille va bien.

Gros bisous à vous et bonne fête à tous les papas.

Fashion-isha zei

Omg these photos are amazing and this place looks like a dream. Thanks so much for sharing your vacation!

Gloria e Rogerio zei

Love your post, wonderful.
We wish you a great week.
Kisses Glorinha.

Victoria zei

Hello sweet Violetta..always a joy to visit..and to revisit this magnificent post full of gorgeous photos and images..pure eye candy..I feel inspired and alive..thanks so much!
Wishing you a beautiful day!

Diana zei

Beautiful trip, my dear Violetta!


Holidays are definitely where memories are born, and stay with us for life! Your trip looks so beautiful, just wish I was there too! xx Love you to check out my blog!