vrijdag 12 april 2013

Break time....The sunshine time coming to me very soon!:-)*

Hello,all my dearies!
The time has come.....
and I'm going to meet my exciting vacation time:-)*
image via: tumblr.com
I am really ready for.....

My husband and I go to barcelona and then we will go by car to Morocco......
It's pure challenge for us and we would like to make it much time ago:-)))*

image via: tumblr.com
I'm a little nervous but very happy.........................................!!!

image via: tumblr.com,Spain,villa.................

image via: Mikhail Charlamov for weddingmag.ru

via: countryliving,decolorogy.
We go for a weeks or 5-6.....
As you can undarstand,I would to collect very much photos and stories,special to share here:-)))*

image via: tumblr.com

Thank you SO,SO,SO very much for all my dearest followers,wich helps me every day to be inspired!

Thanks a LOT to Debra from Dustjackketattic for so much freshness and beauty in all her images,wich i do used here......!:-)))*
And truly amazing fashionista girl: ZasZsa Bellagio,she gaves me also beyond gorgeous inspirations via her blog!
Dearest Natalia from "Fashioned by Love'',thank you beyond much for your cutest blog ever!!!:-)*
And for you,wonderful girl Lana,from:"Fashion Show".

And thank you to ALL of you,beautiful ladies from this Wonder-Blogland,you encourage me,you loves me and I send to all of you my very,very friendly hugs:-)))*

Much LOVE,


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The Gossamer Tearoom zei

Bon Voyage to you and your husband, Dear Violetta! We can't wait to see the photos from your trip!!

Big hugs to you!


dustjacket zei

Oh you are such a darling...I always love your happy comments and thank you SO much for the generous mention!

Have a magical time away...lots of rest and relaxation..yes!

lots of hugs Debra

Dorota zei

Have a lovely time!

Ann zei

Have lots of fun.

Madelief zei

This sounds lovely Violetta! Wish I could join you :-) Wishing you and your husband a good time! I hope you will share some photo's of Barcelona and Morocco with us!

Madelief x

miss b zei

Have a wonderful time. you have selected some lovely images here and the yellow dress is beautiful - reminds me of summer days!

Aurelia zei

Have a great time Violetta. Sounds sooo interesting

Fashion-isha zei

Omg that white villa is amazing! I'm so happy for you that you're going away. Your trip sounds amazing! Enjoy every minute!

lorenabr zei

Have fun :)

thistlewoodfarm zei

Love the pictures!

Hope you enjoy your vacation!!

The Gossamer Tearoom zei

Hello to you, Dearest Violetta!
I'm so glad you are back! I have missed you! Thank you for paying a visit to The Tearoom and please check back as I will have a new post today talking about some new items I have been working on!



The Magical Christmas Wreath Company zei

Thank you so much for the lovely visit Violetta. Happy travels, sounds very exciting! I look forward to seeing all your wonderful holiday snaps.
Paul :)