zaterdag 23 februari 2013

Dreamy weekend...!;-)*

Hi,my dear friends....

It's a very nice Sutarday again!
Enjoy your weekend:-)*

That inspirational girl....

via: dustjacketattic.blogspot

via: Inspirational Girl....

Les Secrets de Lambassade by Piotr Stoklosa....

Much Love,

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Karen Albert zei

Violeta simply gorgeous images.I love the lacy dresses!

2012 Artists Series

dustjacket zei

I adore the lace dress...and the puppies are SO cute. Happy weekend xoxoxo

lorenabr zei

Lovely images... specially the lace!

Splenderosa zei

Love to you too, darling Violetta...and the hubby as well.

Елена zei

Какие чудесные фото!

Aurelia zei

lovely inspiration, very romantic <3

Fashion-isha zei

Aw this post is sooo beautiful! I hope your week is going well!

Duchess of Tea zei

Hello Violetta Darling,

I missed you so much. It has been far too long since you and I have sat down to talk about our lives. Mine has not been too well. Life, health-wise has not been very kind to me, however, I am doing much better now. Enough about me!!

How are you doing my darling? How is everyone? Oh! I am certain I have missed so much that has happened in your life. I must read your posts to catch up with all the details. By the way darling, your blog looks magnificent, very lovely and classy…just like you. I am hoping to be able to post as regularly as possible, fingers crossed. However, even if I am unable to blog, I will visit you often, I promise. You have been the only one that has visited me often and left me sweet notes. For that I thank you very much…. for not forgetting me and for caring. I am so glad we met and became friend my sweet Violetta.

Take care, 'til we talk again

Hugs & Kisses