zaterdag 9 februari 2013

Be MY Valentine.....!;-)))*

On the eve of Valentine's Day designers always come up with something related to love, hearts and flowers. This time, distinguished supermarket chain Asda, which is presented to the audience dress of roses.

Dress dedicated Valentine's day, weighs about 15 kg. It took nearly two thousand colors and 170 hours of designers and florists.
The dress is made from the 1000 petals of roses in  and 150 Naomi Rose Purple Power, and his finish took 15 exquisite roses Carmen,75 roses and 300 carnations and 200 chrysanthemums.

-------------- It was invented 23 years designer Joe Massey - three times winner of florists. The purpose of this dress is simple - to help women and men think about the upcoming holiday and inspire them nice gifts for their loved ones.

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Christian Dior rooms full of gorgeous flowers...

Isn´t gorgeous this look....:-)))* Can you imagine the smell in this room?!..........

Wish all of my friends beautiful Sunday!

Much Love,

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Ann zei

That looks fabulous
both the gown and the Dior room.

lorenabr zei

This is truly gorgeous!

The Gossamer Tearoom zei

Very beautiful, Dear Violetta and such nice Valentine's Day inspiration!

Thank you for your lovely visit to The Tearoom!!

Sending Valentine Hugs to you!


A sunshine of Fashion zei

Amazing dress:) If you want go to my blog:)

Victoria zei

Wow..magnificent! Super gorgeous...magical!