donderdag 14 februari 2013

´´Be my Valentine´´ dress.....!:-)*

Hello all my dear friends! 
Today I want to share with you my very small project for my customer:
Handmade ``Be my Valentine '' dress.
This dress was made of a very fine quality velor mixed with an absolute high quality silk lace!

At first an inspiration with a scketch...



And then,a masterpiece work in details.....


Wish all of you delightful,beautiful day,filled with a simply goergeous surprises and with a little things wich warmed our hearts.....!!!:-)))*

Much LOVE,

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Splenderosa zei

As I know how beautiful your work actually is, I can only imagine the bodice of this lovely creation. You really are a master, Violetta, a premier as Karl would say. Happy Valentine's Day !!

Fashion-isha zei

These are stunning! Wow. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Little Rus zei

It's beautiful. Happy Valentine's day, Violetta! x

Coco zei

You are an artist! xo Coco

The Gossamer Tearoom zei

Dearest Violetta!
Wishing you a belated Happy Valentines Day! I hope your day was a beautiful one!

Thank you, as always, for your visit to The Tearoom! Thursday and Charlotte Framboise were very happy to meet you!

Loving your beautiful red dresses!

Sending hugs to you,


martinealison zei

Je suis persuadée que tous les "Valentins" de la terre n'auront d'yeux que pour la belle Valentine qui portera cette merveilleuse robe. Une robe, raffinée, au travail minutieux, avec un beau soupçon de sensualité...
Je me réjouis de vus retrouver... Je sais qu'un jour je m'offrirai une de vos créations. Votre style me plaît.
Gros bisous.

VM Creation Atelier zei

I can´t resist it to say: Thank you so very much for your comment here! For your opinion,wich always meant alot for me and for your beautiful heart,my dear friend!:-)*

VM Creation Atelier zei

Thank you SO much,dear Sharon:-)))*

VM Creation Atelier zei


Thank you for visiting me:-)))*
You know HOU much I do appreciate your opinion!

VM Creation Atelier zei

Thank you so very much,dear Coco for your visit by me!:-)))*

VM Creation Atelier zei

Dear,dear Betty,

I read your comment and get a very big smile on my face.....
Thankyou SO much for your wonderful woords!:-)))*

VM Creation Atelier zei

Dear Martine,

HOW beautiful,you've found the time to write to me and I like your comment beyond very much!!!

Thank you for your heartwarming woords:-)))*

It would be a big pleasure if I can to make a dress for you.

Victoria zei

Wow Violetta..your art is so gorgeous..and seeing your dress come to Magnificent!! So very I would love to wear it!! You are incredibly talented!!
HUgs and kisses! I love the new look to your blog too..fabulous!!
Wishing you a magical day, thank you for your kind visit!
Much love

Ira Kharchenko zei

I love the illustration! Looks amazing:)

Check out my blog:

miss b zei

So interesting to see the progression of this gorgeous dress from the wonderful illustration to its completion.

Fashion-isha zei

This is so so pretty and your are so so talented!