zaterdag 26 januari 2013

My mood board for today:-)*And a wonderful weekend!

Just a pair nice impressions for today,my dear friends.....It's a weekend again,you know?!.....

"…I’d rather help than watch.
 I’d rather have a heart than a mind.
 I’d rather expose too much than too little.
 I’d rather say hello to strangers than be afraid of them.
 I would rather know all this about myself than have more money than I need.
 I’d rather have something to love than a way to impress you".
Po Bronson

Simply gorgeous hat from Anya Caliendo!


I´am totally in Love with a jewellerie designs of Marsha Harris from Splenderosa!
Thank you million times for your always inspirational and full of great ideas designs,Marsha!
Hier do you can see her bracelets,necklaces and rings and much more beautiful designs!
In my collages I have used images of Splenderosa designs( bracelets,ring and earrings)..

Thanks a lot to Lana from fantastic ''Fashion Show'' blog for an absolutely great images,wich I used also here!

Debra from ''Dustjacket'' gives me so much lovely creative mood too,thank you so much,dear DJ:-)*

Wish all of you magical,very nice weekend,ladies!:-)*

Much Love,

9 opmerkingen:

Splenderosa zei

What a wonderful surprise for me, Violetta. I had no idea you were doing a post including Splenderosa jewelry. The post is beautiful and I thank you so so much. The picture collages are beautifully done, so very artistic. Sending love, my precious friend.

dustjacket zei

You are so gorgeous Violetta...thank you. I love all the glamorous shots and the painting is so beautiful.

love & hugs Debra

lorenabr zei

Gorgeous Mood board! Love the black lace blouse :)

The French Maid zei

Beautiful images! And all so feminine!
--Lee Ann

Lana zei

Violetta! Рада знакомству с Вами, всегда с нежностью и благодарностью читаю ваши эмоциональные комментарии, с удовольствием посещаю ваш блог. Именно виртуальное знакомство с Вами убедило меня в том, что в мире существует гармония, для которой нет границ ни в реальном, ни в ином пространстве =)

С уважением и любовью Lana ♥

georgia ~ gi gi zei

Helloooo Violetta! Here I am ....better late than never! It is so nice to pop over and see all your glamourous and beautiful inspiration!
I know I have not been a very good bloggie friend :( 2012 was not my year! I am hopeful for 2013!
Thank you so much for sticking with me!
Much love
Gi Gi

Champagne Macarons zei

Bonjour mon ami! Such stunningly beautiful photos you share! I especially love the black lace blouse and black bracelet... and the hat from Anya is so gorgeous and feminine.
Wishing you a wonderful week. xoxo, B

Ann zei

Thanks for such a fabulous post for a weekend.
Love all those jewel accessories.
Have a nice day ♥

Living_in_aShoe zei

this is so inspiring!

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