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Russian Paris a world of dreams.............

Hello my dear friends,
Today I read this book about Russian famous and very talented beauties-emigrants.........
SO excited and very intresting story:-)))*

Princess Nadezda Shcherbatova.

´´And in this city - a world of dreams former Russian generations - timid gait became a Russian emigrant, at that time, her mother and grandmother wore at the rail, Poiret and Beshoff-David, and this Russian beauty escaped from hell Revolution and the Civil War! And the massive doors opened in front of her, and she won the hearts of all ...´´
G. Nemirovich-Danchenko

Princess Natalie Paley.

 Postwar Paris 20's. From Russia, fleeing the Red Terror, the crowd surged immigrants. Among the huge influx of refugees of all classes and creeds - educated Russian noblewoman. World capital of fashion literally filled Russian Princess, Countess, Viscountess of the highest origin. Russian Paris ...
They will not, and sometimes can not sit around and livelihood.
Since childhood accustomed to dress in the best Parisian fashion houses, they are trying to return to the world of fine. This world in Paris, of course, was also the fashion world.

"IRFE" was not the only Russian fashion house in Paris. Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna, for example, established a "Kitmir" - home of exclusive embroidery. Maid of honor of the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna Betty's idea to create a house "Iteb" (the title of her name backwards).
Outfits in these houses showed Russian beauties who actually invented a new profession - modeling-

Irina Jusupova.
Elegant, educated, with aristocratic manners, with unsurpassed sense of style and taste, owning, as a rule, more than one language, they fled from the Russian revolution, have made ​​themselves a fashionable bourgeois revolution in Paris. Before them fashionable clothes showed unpretentious female milliner. Their pay is not high, the profession was not considered prestigious. The appearance in the Parisian fashion houses Russian fashion models, the highest immigrant origin furor, from which the city will not soon recovered.
Princess Natali Paley.
Viscountess Eugenie Gorlenko
 Countess Lisa Grabbe.

Princess Mary Eristova.

Princess Maria Trubetskaya.

The charm of all Russian in Paris was  with the advent of the Great Depression. Diminished customers aged model bankrupted many fashion houses ... Exquisite aristocratic beauty has given way to a simple universal models of Coco Chanel. But there were pictures of those years, and we can enjoy this elusive beauty................

 Based on the book: F.Yusupov "Memories," Vasiliev "Beauty in Exile. Catwalk queen´´.

Here is fantastic Autumn season;-)*
Wish all of you a wonderful week,

Much Love,

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Rachel Jensen {Da Paura ♥} zei

So inspiring and amazing!!

Madelief zei

Dear Violetta,

You posted some very Elegant Russian ladies. The way they dress looks amazing. So very stylish. It makes me wish some of the clothes they wore in that time will become fashionable again.

Happy weekend!

Madelief x

lorenabr zei

Love your blog post! Nice how your change your page! These women are amazing like you my dear!

Little Rus zei

It's so wonderful to actually see their photos - something I never had a chance to. I read another Vasiliev's book last year - he talked about them there, too. It was a very interesting read. x

Victoria zei

Yay Violetta..! I have missed you and visiting your beautiful realm! Gorgeous post...such beautiful women and fashions as always! Wonderful old photos..so stunning! and I love the new look of your blog..it looks fabulous!!
Wishing you a magical Autumn and joy and bliss always!
HUgs and Happiness!

Fashion-isha zei

Aaah so glamorous! Thanks for this dose of literary inspiration!

The Gossamer Tearoom zei

This is such a wonderful post, Dearest Violetta! What a coincidence that I have been reading "The Tattered Cloak and Other Novels" by Nina Berberova, several stories of Russians in exile in Paris in the 30's and 40's. So fascinating. I wonder if it is available there. Please let me know if it is not and I will be happy to get a copy to you.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend! I am hard at work on the blog party I am attending next Saturday!!!