maandag 10 september 2012

Just a new week...........Monday:-)

Hi,all my dear friends!

I can hardly believe,but here is Fall almost has arrived,you feel it and you smel it in the air...:-)*
Isn't it?!
This is just quick jumping here to say you;

Over two days I want to make one post about Fall trends from Europian view point.............
Together with one of the mostly talented accessories designer and just very special,wonderful woman-Marsha of ''Splenderosa''.She want to do this from her American view point!

I think it would be intresting and fun posts:-)))*

Today i wish all of you mostly busy,positive and productive week ahead,

Much Love,

3 opmerkingen:

dustjacket zei

Sounds great!

Madelief zei

Looking forward to see your post Violetta! Have a lovely evening!

Madelief x

Catherine Robinson zei

Thank you Violetta and a busy, positive productive week to you too ;-)
I look forward to reading the posts.