dinsdag 28 augustus 2012

I´am a happy Winner!:-)*

Hello,my dearies:-)*

I want to share with all of you how delight and absolutely fantastic do you feel when you can use these skean care product.
I do enjoy them So very much...................!!!

This is one of the mostly great organic  skean care products...............

And I was a very happy winner of these Give Away !!!
Beyond great blog of Natalia-Little Rus you can see here:


Organic Trevarno are specialists in natural beauty and create skin enriching products for everyday use. Simple skincare which works - Organic Trevarno is made using only the finest and most sustainable of ingredients.
Established in 1998, Organic Trevarno’s range of natural and certified organic products are all carefully made by hand and are inspired by and created on the beautiful Trevarno Estate and Gardens in Cornwall.
Created from plants, flowers, fruits and herbs, all sourced for their therapeutic as well as cosmetic benefits, Organic Trevarno’s healthy skincare range contains no chemicals or artificial ingredients - just skin loving and beauty boosting nutrients. By choosing organic, the skin is absorbing only natural ingredients, so by using Organic Trevarno you are supporting a more ecological way of life whilst caring for your skin.


Thank you so very much for giving me chance to be a lucky winner here:-)))*

Wish all of you,my dear friends wonderful week ahead,

Much Love,

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Madelief zei

Congratulations Violetta! It's always nice to win a giveaway. Especially such a useful one as this.

Have a lovely evening,

Madelief x

Champagne Macarons zei

Congratulations! Lucky you to be the winner of such a generous giveaway. I love organic products. Please give a review!
Wishing you a fabulous weekend! xoxo, B