dinsdag 3 juli 2012

Life is a ONE big wonderful surprise!:-)*

Hi,hello all my dear friends!

A while back I promissed to tall you my little story................:-)*

We were on holiday in Thouth Africa in march,one of the wonderful places on the Earth,I told you about it in my post earlier.

At once there I hear from my boy friend,one of the best man of the world:

''I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK,my dearest! Will you marry me?!"
AndI say: ''YES!:-)*''

We know each other for almost nine years and he was and still to me as a biggest friend,tender,very gentle and someone he has your whole heart!

And what is a most important for me is:we can laugh, cry and enjoy all the little things in our daily life:-)*

So..............!!! When we back home to Holland we must prepare ALL big and little things around us to the beautiful day,for the wedding day! And the time was so short........................

I'd like you can be a part of this fantastic day with me!
Here is a small representation from many,many pictures,wich was made by me and friend of us:-)*

A very quick sketch of me for invitations:-)*..................

That's a beginning of my dress....................(made by me!)

Gorgeous church in Bergen.......................

I was prepared and cut...................

And here they come....................... 

Breathtaking nice song Ave Maria.,sung by wonderful Maria Delver!!!................

                                                                Woord :''YES!''

I LOVE you to the moon and back,my dearest Arend!

Wish all of you creative,fantastic week ahead!:-)*

Sending Love,

11 opmerkingen:

Catherine Robinson zei

Much happiness to you both Violetta...you are a very beautiful Lady in Red.
Thanks for dropping by, lovely to hear from you.

Madelief zei

Dear Violetta,

Congratulations to your wedding! This is a post I have been looking forward to. The two of you look wonderful! The dress you made is so very stylish and suits you perfectly. Bergen is such a romantic place to get married. Hope you and Arend had a wonderful day! I wish you many more to come!!

Liefs van Madelief x

The Gossamer Tearoom zei

Ooh My Dearest Violetta!
I am so, so happy for you and Arend!!! May you have many, many years of happiness together! Such a beautiful dress you made and you looked so lovely in it!! I do so love seeing your wedding photos!!!!!

With very warmest congratulations and very, very biggest hugs to you both!


♥TheWildChild♥ zei

Congratulations!!! my dear Violetta :-) It's great to see you happy. You deserve it. More blessings!!

lorenabr zei

Congrats! Your dress is gorgeous! I wish both a happy life together :)

Елена zei

Виолетта, мои поздравления!!! А платье просто шикарно!

Wateringen zei

Lieve lieve Violetta,

Van harte gefeliciteerd met jullie huwelijk!
Ik wens jou en Arend een lang gelukkig en gezond leven.

Je jurk is geweldig...wat MOOI...jullie zagen er fantastisch uit,
en zo gelukkig!

Dank je wel voor de mooie foto's...

Liefs en goeds,


Clara Turbay zei

Really awesome in red, love it!

georgia ~ gi gi zei

Oh, Violetta I had thought I had left you a comment! I am so sorry!
Many Many congrats!!!!! I am oh so happy for you!!!!
You looked STUNNING~ I love love love your dress! So classy and elegant!
It looked like everything was perfect!
Sending much love your way
gi gi

bee bon zei

What a beautiful post, i found your blog through Marsha at Splenderosa. Congratulations! 'Happy Ever Happy'
bee x

Lana zei

Милая-милая Violetta!
Я все-таки надеюсь, что Вы примите мои запоздалые поздравления и пожелания долгих и счастливых лет вместе! Очень-очень приятно видеть ваши счастливые и красивые лица)) А в этом красном платье Вы просто восхитительны!
Искренне и сердечно желаю Здоровья, Счастья и Любви на долгие годы!

С любовью ♥Lana♥