vrijdag 11 mei 2012

It´s just unforgettable vacation time................

Hi all my dearies!

I´am back  from my amazing trip to South Africa and can´t to begin my daily work here again..........:-)*
The time flies and I want to share with all of you my magical and unforgatteble Thouth Africa inspirations!

All days were mostly enjoyable and impressive.................

Actually,I don´tknow how I can describe my feelings,because of TOO much gorgeousness around me;-)* And I'am really big lover of mother Nature....

Do can see this rainbow?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALL of days brought us to a Miracle of life,it's absolutely true!

Oh,my.............I have TOO much what a would LOVe to share:-)*

Hier is a little impression of my vacation time,wich lifts and lighted my heart....

Oh,these salad made me SO fit and helthy:-)))*

And that was also delish...............I like the colors there from so much!

This is photos of  Home where we stay in Thouth Africa :-)*

This is  place where the whales coming  in Atlantic and Indian Oceans...(click aon the photo,you can see it bigger and enjoy:-)))*

Endless fun......................!!! But water is too cold,unfortunately....

I LOVE Thouth Africa:-)*

Wish all of my friends beautiful sunshine Spring weekend,

Much Love,

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lorenabr zei

great images :) love your header


Wow Violetta, this looks like heaven on earth!!! I must get to South Africa some day. Gorgeous photos and I'm so happy that you had a lovely holiday!

Have a wonderful weekend :) xoxo

Catherine Robinson zei

Beautiful images Violetta...I'm glad you had such a wonderful time ;-)
Have a fabulous weekend...and many thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog...
I really appreciate it.

Splenderosa zei

V, I love your new header also. It looks summery and feminine which is perfect!
What a wonderful time you must have had in South Africa. Isn't it just beautiful? And you look beautiful too, and so so happy. This was a wonderful holiday for you, I know. Sending a big Texas hug, my darling, and know I think of you often.

Taj Acosta zei

Hi dear!
What great photos! You look like you had a great time! The beach photos of you are stunning!
Have a great weekend! xx -Taj

Madelief zei

Hi Violetta,

Welcome back! Your photo's look absolutely beautiful. Never been there, but I can understand why you loved it so much. The hotel/resort you stayed in looks very luxurious and the beach and huge waves, just fantastic!

Is that you in those lovely floral dresses? They look great!

Happy weekend!

Madelief x

Елена zei

Виолетта, фото великолепны. Вижу, что отдых удался.

Paris Pastry zei

Oh my! You went to South Africa?! I soooo want to go there! It has been on my vacation travel list for a long time! How was your flight? Your pictures look breathtaking! Like postcards :)


Katarina Kühl Illustration zei

i know it's been a long time, how are you?

your pictures are breathtaking!

i just wanted to let you know that i got a new url (former pencilfashion), it would be a pleasure if you'd come and visit my new blog :)

VM Creation Atelier zei


My time in South Africa was beyond amazing time and I realy do believe in a miracels.....:-)))*

Beautiful girls Taj,Lorena,Marsha,Madelief,Daniella,Katarina,Dawn,Catherine and Elena:-)*

Thank you So,SO very much,my dear friends for your visits here and always kindnests,wonderful comments by me!!!

Much Love,
Always yours,

Champagne Macarons zei

Dear Violetta,
your photos are astonishingly beautiful! What a lovely holiday you had.
I love your new look! I'm thinking of revamping blog also.

Wishing you a lovely weekend! xoxo, B

Diana zei

So beautiful pictures and so wonderful trip you had, my sweet friend:)
I wish I were there too! But may be... someday...

Much Love un Hugs

dustjacket zei

wow, these photo's are just beautiful. That is so funny that I just did a post on South Africa, I didn't know you were on holiday's there!! Looks like you had a wonderful time dear Violetta.

big hugs xxxx D

Little Rus zei

Absolutely gorgeous! That vast space, blue skies and ocean give such a strong feeling of freedom and joy! Make you want to fly. :) And the food looks delicious - I bet it tasted million times better than it does here. x

georgia ~ gi gi zei

Oh Violetta, what GORGEOUS pics! It looks like you had a PERFECT vacation!
The pic with the rainbow in the wave, oh sigh! Just stunning!

Thank you for sharing these with us!
Glad your back! I missed you!!!!

Much love
gi gi

Rachel Jensen {Da Paura ♥} zei

Absolutely stunning photos... these take me away!!! Love all of your new photos on facebook too!!


Fifi Flowers zei

I would LOVE a vacation!

Aurelia (A Pretty Life) zei

wow, lovely photos, I am jealous, looks like you had amazing time. Da, ja priedstavliaju shto siejcias tiazielo viernutsja k obychnoj zizni....

Aurelia (A Pretty Life) zei

wow, lovely pictures, looks like you had an amazing time. Ja priedstavljaju kak tiazielo siejcias viernutsja k obychnoj zizni....

lorenabr zei

Wonderful images! Looks like you had a great time !