zaterdag 24 maart 2012

I´am a Dressmaker! Part two.....

Hello all my dear friends!:-)*
Oh..........I`am SO excited to share it with you!

My order  the wedding dress!
Fabrics are amazing silk taffeta and silk organza. Just a very beautiful quality!
This dress is designed and maked by me,by VM Creation Atelier.
´´Wedding dream´´ is for all of us is different,but many girls are dreaming about them own wedding-prinsess dress:-)*
This girl was no exeption!
I will here to try  tell  you how it happened step by step enormous hours of work...
At first,an idea....a little,little scketch:

The second one is a patterns,making and create them at first with a cotton only:

And then make an realy good shape: 

And then more and more because it must be PERFECT!............

This is an intermediate stage of my work: 


I've been trying for once again turning this pictures..........But only a breakdown to my realy great regret!

So grows it up,step for step....

Embroidered by hand with four different kind of beads...

And then the skirt with a drag...

It´s happened again with an images....I´am SO sorry!

A little precious ´´BOLERO´´ by...!!!

I don´t know image is good and another one wrong?!!!

With it,I wish all my dear friends one beautiful  weekend,full of sunshine,light and rest:-)*

Much Love,

I took a break for my vacation for 4 South Africa!

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lorenabr zei

What you are doing reminds me so much at my former work place!
You do a great job! :)

Diana zei

Darling Violetta, the wedding gown is WONDERFUL!!! Have a nice vacation:) South Africa - it's amazing:))

Much Love

martinealison zei

Je suis très admirative de votre travail... Cette dernière création que vous nous montrez nous donnerait une envie de mariage !!! Pourquoi pas créer une mariage intermédiaire, afin d'éviter l'acte par lui-même ! seulement porter une belle robe pour l'homme qu'on aime...!!!
Je vous souhaite de passer d'excellentes vacances et d'ouvrir grands vos yeux...
Je reprendrai contact avec vous à votre retour...
gros bisous

Splenderosa zei

Violetta, this is totally wonderful. Don't worry about the photos being sideways, we all understand the beauty you have created. I love the little bolero jacket. And, the embroidery? Just splendid, darling one. I am so proud of you, and I know the bride must be so happy. Big congratulations and have a wonderful vacation. xx's

Madelief zei

Wow Violetta, the wedding dress looks amazing! You are not an ordinary dressmaker.....your an artist! The beading on the dress looks simply beautiful. How happy the bride will be when she sees the final result :-)

Wish you a great time in South Africa!

Have fun,

Love, Madelief xox

gi gi zei

Oh Violetta it is truly gorgeous! What detail!
You are so gifted! I can barely sew on a button, lol!
South Africa.... good for you! Have a wonderful time, I know you will!! I want to see lots of pics :)
Much love
gi gi zei

LOVELY PICS:) Your blog is beyond divine...and I will happily follow..if you want to se some classic Swedish bathrooms check out

Have a great week:)

LOVE Maria at

VM Creation Atelier zei

Thank you,Lorena for you compliment!


VM Creation Atelier zei


Thank you,my dear friend!
Love and hugs,

VM Creation Atelier zei

Dear Martine,

You are too kind for me:-)))*

Thank you SO very much!

VM Creation Atelier zei

My dearest Marsha!

You wonderful woords touched me again................!:-)*

It's SO appriciate to read you opinion and SO really proud feeling by in my heart!
And I did my work with my heart and soul:-)))*

Always yours Violetta***

VM Creation Atelier zei

Thank you,lieve Madelief!!!

I'am happy to see my work great done....and the eyes of the bride,making me happy!:-)))*


VM Creation Atelier zei

Thank you SO,SO much,GiGi,darling for you beautiful comment!
You brings a smile at my face,my dear friend:-)*


Rachel Jensen {Da Paura ♥} zei

OMG!!! This is absolutely stunning!! You are so inspiring. If only I could have had my wedding dress made by you in 2006 - I would have in a heartbeat!!!

Aurelia (A Pretty Life) zei

have a great vacations ......... I am jealouse!!!
and happy Easter

VM Creation Atelier zei

Yes,my dear Rachel:-)* It would be a really big honor to me,making your wedding dress!!!

Thank you,my beautiful girl for you wonderful compliment!


VM Creation Atelier zei

THANK YOU So much,dear Aurelia:-)*

Little Rus zei

What a stunning dress!!! You did a fantastic job, darling.
Wishing you a great holiday!

Taj Acosta zei

Fabulous work dear! It is such a pretty design! I love wedding gowns and wish I could wear them more often!! lol. I would have loved for you to design my dress when I got married! Have a great week dear! xx -Taj

Елена zei

Виоллета, как чудесно когда творишь и результат превосходит все ожидания!

VM Creation Atelier zei

Thank you,thank you SO much,my dear friend,it´s really pleasant to read your comment!!!


The Gossamer Tearoom zei

So sorry to be so late in commenting on this Dearest Violetta! What a beautiful dress! I really love the bodice and the laced up back was just what I wanted for mine (Alas, I didn't get that, and I would have loved if you could have designed mine too!)

Wishing you a beautiful evening,


AngeliqueDama zei


Karena zei

Violetta, how stunning; you do the most exquisite wok. Also the wedding shoes, gorgeous!!

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Art by Karena

VM Creation Atelier zei

Thank you million times,dear Taj!!!

It's SOoooooooooooooooo pleasant to hear from you:-)*

VM Creation Atelier zei


Очень приятно прочитат комментарий от человека творческого и с неописуемо великолепным чуством вкуса во всем!!!

VM Creation Atelier zei

Dear,dear Betty!

Thank you so much for your heartwarming comment,really happy to read this:-)))*

VM Creation Atelier zei

Dear Karena!'s absolutely great to read you comment and so pleasant for me:-)))*
Thank you SO much!!!

Aurelia (A Pretty Life) zei

Where are you Violetta? What's new, pls tell us about your lovely trip.

Rachel Jensen {Da Paura ♥} zei

Absolutely gorgeous!! Wow, you are so talented, I'm ever consistently so impressed and inspired! How was your trip to South Africa? I'd love to hear all about it!


VM Creation Atelier zei

My next post coming soon,dear Aurelia:-)*

Vacation time and then the time's a little bit difficult to coming by:-)*

VM Creation Atelier zei

Oh,my..............dear,dear Rachel!

Thank you againg,my dear friend!!!

My next post should be coming soon.................:-)))*

Елена zei

Ах, какая прелесть. У меня ведь тоже когда-то было ателье, я выдумывала и шила. Посмотрела и вспомнила то время.

Kathleen Lisson zei

Amazing details on that dress.

Champagne Macarons zei

You are amazingly talented, mon ami! The details are exquisite.
Please stop by for my Lavender Dreams Giveaway! xoxo, B

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