vrijdag 27 januari 2012

Make your own beauty treatment...!!!

Hi,all my dear friends!Wish all of you relax,wonderful weekend:-)*

Make booster for your skin:-)*

Honey Mask***

 Do you suffer from dry skin? Pamper yourself once in a hydrating skin mask. You can easily make yourself with honey, lemon juice, olive oil mixing. The honey moisturizes your skin and makes it pretty soft. Rub it on your face and let the ten minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water and you're good as new!


 After wild parties and little sleep can suffer from puffiness under your eyes from Scrap. You do not want all your colleagues that you have only a few hours sleep are you? Take two (wet) tea bags and place them on your eyes. You can also use this cucumber slices or cubes.

Hair Mask.***

 The sun and sea can sometimes feel like a bunch of her rope. Fortunately, you do not need expensive hair products to shine again. A hair mask is also easily create your own. 1 avocado puree, take 2 tablespoons olive oil and a tablespoon of honey. Mix everything together and spread the mixture over the hair. Grab your hair with plastic wrap and put a towel over it still. Wait fifteen minutes and rinse everything out. Back your locks feel softer than ever.


 With occasional scrub removes dead skin cells and make your skin soft. In the summer also helps exfoliate your tan longer. Make a mixture by a cup of sugar, olive oil and a few drops of almond oil to mix. Brush the mixture on your skin while gently turning circles with your hands. Rinse everything thoroughly and cover your body with body lotion.
It's just a few simple links to your calm and pleasant weekend:-)*

Much Love,

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lorenabr zei

Wonderful tips! I use a lot of honey on my face :) and a lot of olive oil on hands and feet.
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Елена zei

У меня эти процедурки на 2 февраля намечаются.

Madelief zei

Thank you for your beauty tips Violetta! Enjoy your weekend!

Madelief x

Victoria zei

yay Thankyou Violetta for such a fabulous and beautiful post! so relaxing and inspiring! I love making scrubs too..so wonderful!
Thankyou for all of the fantastic beauty tips..
Hugs and sparkles
Wishing you a magical week ahead

The PvdH Journal zei

My most effective face mask is simply just Manuka honey! (and scrub is ground oatmeal with almond mil ;) )

Diana zei

Oh yes! Sometimes I treat myself like that:) I love coffee scrub with honey so much...


Rachel {Da Paura ♥} zei

Hi darling friend! I will have to try this... always looking for fresh ideas to brighten up my skin! Hope you are having an amazing day!


The Gossamer Tearoom zei

Oh my goodness, Dearest Violetta! So many nice beauty treats to be concocted!!! Thank you!

And thank you, as always, for your lovely visits to The Tearoom! I was so happy to read your nice reactions to my cards!!

Wishing you a beautiful day!!


georgia~gigi zei

Hello Beautiful Violetta :) I hope you had a wonderful weekend!
What great spa treatments! I love to use sugar as a scrub. Brown sugar is nice too! Baking Soda is also a nice skin brightner!
Hope all is well in your world!
Lots of love
gi gi
ps, I love your new blog design and header! Very cool!

Taj Acosta zei

I always love making at home treatments. Yogurt and honey is a good one too ;) xx

Aurelia (A Pretty Life) zei

I will def try, thanks for your great tips and interesting post. Have a nice weekend.


Fanciful Designs zei

Hi Violetta~

Your blog is looking beautiful as ever!! I've been so so busy and have missed blogging. Trying to catch up on my reading. Looks like you're doing well and so happy to see.

Lots of love,