woensdag 4 januari 2012

And now we are welcome the New Year,full of things that have never been! /Rilke.

''Your life is a sacred journey.And it is about change,grouwth,discovery,movements,
transformation,continuously expanding your vision of what is possible,stretching your soul,learning to see clearly and deeply,listening to your intuition,taking courageous challenges at every step along the way.You are on the path...exactly where you are meant to be right now...
And From here,you can only go forward,shaping your life story into a magnificent tale of triumph,of healing,of courage,of beauty,of wisdom,of power,of dignity,and of Love.''

*Carolina Adams.

Be gratful that you are YOU!:-)*

Be grateful that there are two words that can change your life, and say them over and over again.
Thank you!

''And now we welcome the New year,full of things that have never been...''


Much love to all my dearest peoples and friends,

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The Gossamer Tearoom zei

Thank you, thank you, Dearest Violetta, for all of the inspiring words for us today!!! Is it just me or does it seem that everyone feels like something big and beautiful is headed toward their lives in this Wonderful New Year?

With hugs,

Overlooking Mississippi zei

Hi Violetta! Happy New Year to you! Hope all is well..

I am a big fan of your fashion designs and I was wondering if I could re-design your blog for free. If you are interested let me know!

My portfolio is on my blog.

Nikki zei

Your work is so stunning! I adore your sketches. Thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet words.

Victoria zei

Hello Violetta...my beautiful friend!! Thankyou for this gorgeous and inspiring and magical post! I wish you a magical 2012 and I look forward to visiting your special place and all the beauty you share!

Diana zei

Oh, my dearest friend, thank you so much for the inspiration! I'm reading and smiling:)

Much Love

Champagne Macarons zei

Bonjour Violetta,
such beautiful and inspiring message ~ thank you!

Wishing you a most beautiful New Year! xoxo, B

Lana zei

С Новым Годом, с Новым Счастьем и с Новым Вдохновением!
Violetta, я бесконечно рада нашему знакомству =)
Сегодня, в канун Старого Нового Года, примите мои самые искренние и теплые поздравления и пожелания только лучшего!

С любовью из России ♥Lana♥

P.S. Новый дизайн - чудесный, нежный и совсем весенний)

Diana zei

Dear Violetta, I do love your new image:))

With Love,

Lancerika zei

Greetings Violetta,
merci for being*you*
Stay beautifuL...
j' adore your uplifting post and
the new design:)
so haPPY you * visited me*
best wishes:))

dustjacket zei

Hello sweetest Violetta, what true words indeed. You are always a breath of fresh air.
love dj xxx

StreetChic zei

super cute post! fab blog!!
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