donderdag 15 december 2011

All inspirations about...........magnificent time of the year!!! Merry Christmas:-)))*

Hello all beauties from the World,all fantastic people from these Blogland fairytale:-)))*

This gorgeous image from gorgeous fashionista blog of Lana:

It's almost Christmas....just 7 days,relly:-)*It's so wonderful but also a little bit emmotional...!!!
I was inspired by a website about Christmas home decoration:

''Christmas decoration should all be about ''magic''.
 And what better way to welcome Christmas spirit, than forgetting all the bad, focusing on what truly matters and turning your home into a miniature festival of joy?''

And this fantastic image from beyond creative lady Madelief:-)*


I adore this image from beautifulest blog of DJA!...

Hope, hier in Holland should be also wonderful,magical Christmas snow...

Beautiful Lana,THANK YOU so very much for this fairytale image:-)))*

Hier is my little creation-sketch:Christmas card for my friends:-)*

May your Christmas be full of Magic,Joy and Wonder:-)))*

Much Love,

8 opmerkingen:

Taj Acosta zei

Gorgeous images dear! I love Christmas! Hope you have a fabulous weekend sweet doll! xx

just tututiny zei

Lovely photos, everything is so pretty!
I am hosting a giveaway, would love if you stop by can check it out ;)


Oh this is oh so fabulous and magical, Violetta! Wishing you a magical holiday, my friend! xoxo

Diana zei

OMG.. So wonderful Christmas decoration! And the first image - true Ice Queen:))
Your sketches as always are FABULOUS!

Love, Love, Love

Olivia zei

Such amazing pics! Love the snowy forest x

Simone zei

Such a beautiful post, you have great style.

I came to wish you a very happy Christmas and to say thank you so much for following my blog and always leaving me such lovely comments, I appreciate it.

Best wishes
Simone XX

Splenderosa zei

So so beautiful, Violetta...just exactly like you! I know it must be beautiful in Amsterdam right now...enjoy your holiday weekend, my friend...sending love from Texas.....

Елена zei

Очень красиво.