woensdag 28 september 2011

Sketches,creativity and more...

Hello everyone there...in the Bloggerland,hello all my dear friends and readers:-)*

That's SO true- the time flies enormously fast and now is already the great FALL time with many inspirations,new plans and new hope!

Anthonie Blanchar,so fantastic atmosphere from Paris!
Just think and let you go.....................

Bree Leman amazing fresh breese drawing:-)*

Look at this drawing...isn't it a fantastic dream about a trip,about your fantasy? Really,I like it SO,SO much:-)))*
Actually,I would like today share with you my biggest passion ever: drawing and fashion sketches!
What makes me so great enthousiastic in it- at first,you make a little planning in your thoughts...
The second one-relly big and not easy step further-understanding and than-IMPLAMINTATION your ideas:-)*That's all........................Oh,my Godness if it would be so simple!!!

David Dawton incredibly talented fashion sketches master!

 Sandra Suy wonderful work!

Cedric Revian,amazing soft pastel drawing!
One of the mostly awesome fashion sketches the last time are from Leon Gurevich for great talented designs of Anya Caliendo.

ADORE the last one illustration for Anya's beautiful hats design:-)))*
This is a easiest way to start....
Here is some work sketches from Valentino collection:

I like this way of creationin fashion immensly much:-)*

The last one sketch is my start for a new design....

I wish all of you wonderful,inspirational and absolutelly performed week ahead,my dear friends:-)))*

 I hope that you've been well! 
Thank you so very much for your comment that always lifts my soul. 
Many many hugs to you as well as we follow our hearts!
Much Love,

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lorenabr zei

Love the sketches! :)

The Gossamer Tearoom zei

Hello to you, Dearest Violetta!
I too have been away from blogging for the summer, but I have missed you so much! I do love all the sketches you are sharing with us!!! I used to do a lot of sketching when I was in school. My art teacher believed you should do it everyday, so I still have some of my sketchpads and it is fun to look at them. You are so creative and do such wonderful work!!!

Wishing you a beautiful, productive and creative week,

Kiki aka Victoria zei

Yay Violetta.....fantastic and gorgeous sketches...love the photos always..you know how to stir the imagination and spark the spirit..love the pastel wiht teh swan..amazing! Lovely photos of you..you beautiful lady!! Gorgeous and inspiring post...loved it all !
HUgs and kisses

My Grama's Soul zei

Oh Violetta.....I haven't been by here in forever.....you have changed your blog look completely......very nice. Is that you in the photo.....you are simply beautiful.




Violetta, dear

thank you so much for your sweetest words, and for posting my illustrations. You are a dear sweetheart, incredibly talented on your own right. I LOVE your creations, they're breathtaking.



georgia~gigi zei

Violetta Love, look at you !!! So beautiful!
I always love to see your amazing work!
Your sketches are just stunning!
And how exciting your fall creations!
Hope you are having a wonderful week~
Much love to you` with a big hug and smooch!
gi gi

georgia~gigi zei

Ok, not sure if my other comment went thru!
Here goes again~

Violetta Love, look at you! So Gorgeous you are!
I love seeing your amazing work, your sketches, your designs..... all stunning!

Hope you are having a wonerful week!
Much love~ and a big hug and smooch
gi gi

Marijke van Ooijen zei

Hay Violetta,

Meis wat een prachtige schetsen, tekeningen.
Zo verfijnd en vrouwelijk.
En wat een leuke foto's van jou in je atelier..

Wil je nog bedanken voor je lieve berichtje op mijn blog.

Dag lieve meis,

Natalie Leung zei

wow such beautiful, beautiful illustrations!!


Glam Fashionista zei

I enjoyed this post. So lovely. Great blog, if you want visit my blog and let me know if you want to follow and I will follow back

Kiki aka Victoria zei

Hello my beautiful friend..wishing you a fantastic and beautiful day!!
Hugs and kisses