vrijdag 6 mei 2011

Holiday to my MOM:-)*

Hello,my beautiful ladies:-)*
I am here and wish to share with you all my feelings about Mom day!

I have almost my holiday to Russia:-)))*
And it's almost Mother day!
Thank you my beautiful Mom to you for all in my life...for all you LOVE,you warm heart and you patience,my dearest friend!!!

By YOU I can feel me a little girl,:-)*I can cry and I can laugh so huge,so wonderful!!!

A Mother is someone who gave you your life,
Who knows you inside and out,
Someone you know you can call if you need
When something's just not working out.

I LOVE YOU MOM:-)))*I pray for you always and I know,YOU are my HOME always!!!

You've given me two things

One is roots
The other's wings!!!                        

This is all for you,my dear,dear MOM:-)))*


 I hope that you've been well!
Thank you so very much for your comment that always lifts my soul.
Many many hugs to you as well as we follow our hearts!

Have a wonderful Mother day,darlings!!!

Much Love,sunshine hugs for all of you and everyone:-)))*

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Madelief zei

Dear Violetta,

Have a lovely holiday in in Russia! Happy mother's day to you as well!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Kiki aka Victoria zei

Yay Violetta..what a Super Fabulous post and tribute to Moms...gorgeous and beautiful..i love all of the inspiring photos..and I am dancing to the music too ha ha!!
HUgs my special friend..wishing you many sparkles always!
THANKYOU for always leaving such kind words..you touch my heart! You are such a wonderful friend..if only we lived closer ha ha! That would be fun!
HUgs and love

amy b.s. zei

have a fantastic weekend. and i must say, that first party dress at the top of your blog is absolutely stunning. stunning!

Diana by Lagoa Design Studio zei

So wonderful post, my dearest friend! Have a fabulous holidays!!!

Much Love and Hugs,

The Gossamer Tearoom zei

Dearest Violetta,
Thank you so much for this beautiful post! I know you are looking forward to seeing your Mother soon! I am very happy that you will be with her again!

Wishing you a Beautiful Mother's Day Weekend!


georgia~gigi zei

Aw Violetta what a Beautiful, Heartlfelt post to honor your mother! I bet she is every bit as lovely as you!
Such great images and lovely qoutes! I love love love your posts, they always make me smile!
I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!
Much love, a big hug and smooch!
gi gi

Splenderosa zei

Oh, you're going to Russia to see the family...wonderful, Violetta. Try not to take work with you, just enjoy every moment. Sending love, babycakes...

Linda {Simply Seductive} zei

Hello Violetta,

Simply wanted to thank you for your lovely and uplifting comments lately and to wish you a beautiful week ahead! Thank you!

Linda, xo

Miles Of Style zei

Hi Violetta!

Hope you are doing well and that you had a lovely mother's day. When are you going to Russia??

xo, Persis.

My Grama's Soul zei

Hi Violetta....what a wonderful tribute to your mother. She is truly loved....I can tell.



Haute World zei

Beautiful post! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day last weekend :) Love all the pictures you chose. And how exciting for you to visit your home country again!

Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} zei

Oh sweet friend, this is such a beautiful post. It brought a little tear to my eye, because everything you have said about mothers is so true! My mom is always there for me, and knows me inside and out, always makes me feel like everything will be ok. These photos are so uplifting and inspiring to match... have an amazing holiday lovely lady!!!


Champagne Macarons zei

Hello dearest Violetta,
this is a beautiful post to honour your mother!
Such gorgeous and inspiring photos and quotes.
I hope you had a lovely Mother's Day.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday in Russia. xoxo, B

Taj Acosta zei

Hi dear!
What a sentimental post! I love what you said about giving you two things, roots and wings!! that is so well said! xoxo

Fashion, Art and other fancies zei

Hope you celebrated Mothers day with your family. This post is a beautiful tribute to Mothers. Enjoy the weekend. xx

Little Rus zei

Such a beautiful post, dear V! Love the story and the images very much.

Have a wonderful day and great weekend, darling! x

Kat zei

that's such a beautiful post!
you've found wonderful words to describe the love between mother and daughter!

Catherine Robinson zei

A very touching post...such a beautiful blog...I'm a new follower!

TheWildChild zei

I know it's late :-( I haven't update my blog lately but just want to say . . . .
Happy Mother's Day dearest Violetta :-)***

Marijke van Ooijen zei

Dear Violetta,

It's been a long time ago, I have been visit your beautiful blog.
And I missing your blog and missing our talking and the comments on ours blog.

This post is amazing and give me inspiration.
Those beautiful ladys and the colors.

I hope everything is going well with you..and hope you visit my blog..

I wishing you a lot of love and happiness..


The Gossamer Tearoom zei

Dearest Violetta,
This is a beautiful post! (How did I manage to miss seeing it?!)

Thank you, as always, for visiting me at The Tearoom! I have to say I am especially happy that my friend Violetta loved the photos I took of the pansies and violas, cousins to the violets!!!



Mademoiselle Poirot zei

A beautiful post with lovely pictures. I hope you're having a nice holiday xo

Mimi zei

Love the pics!


à la parisienne zei

These dresses that you have designed are GORGEOUS!
I hope all is well with you,


lorenabr zei

Fabulous post!

Rachel {Da Paura ♥} zei

Darling Violetta, I just stopped by to thank you for your sweet comments. They always lift my spirit and brighten my day! You are such a kind friend, and I hope you are having a beautiful week!


Lancerika zei

Beautiful Violetta,
Your kindness and art support means a lot
to me these days.
Always enjoy looking
at your lovely fashion pictures...
Merci for being a sweet friend!
Wish you the prettiest summertime:)
Love and kisses

The Gossamer Tearoom zei

Dearest Violetta,
I just wanted to check in with you! I hope your summer is going well!

Biggest hugs to you!


Rachel {Da Paura ♥} zei

I stopped by to say hello sweet friend!! I hope you are well beautiful lady!! Thank you for your kind words as always!


Katarina Kühl ~ PencilFashion zei

thank you so much!!!