vrijdag 18 maart 2011

At last....I am here again:-)*

All this time I was immensly busy with my work and I missing all my Bloggy Friends SO very much,it's realy true!!!
image via:http://www.rodneysmith.com,bizarre photographer***

Here in Netherland everywhere is much,much croucuses....Spring in the air with a full swing and this is SO gorgeous to feel it and to enjoy it too!!!

photo from my album from here around my home...

I has no time to making my favourite walking  in the nature,but sometimes you can not anymore to stay inside,because LIFE is a great Beauty!!!

I promised coming back with more images about my work....
There are not so easy to show all of it,because not all projects where I am worked I can to make a photos.I would like to share with you what I have!

If  you followed mee earlier,you saw this photo and skcetch(this model was designed by Mart Visser Couture from Amsterdam).
By my studio we making patterns,tailor made work,finishing touch and much more.............Unfortunately,I can't show much from these activity.
This is one of the result of couture handmade dress,not  yet completed...
Silk embroidered organza ,silk crepe and paletten fabric!

photos was maked by my studio...
The next one big project is couture wedding dress for my new collection and for my client!
Mostly intensive and very much taking your time work is create an idea,then choose a style,fabric,making and designing of patterns...
You will not making it too complecated and I show to you only result:-)*

And this is a little bit another one dress:

I am so happy,it's already done and I have not desappointed my clients!!!
And sure...it makes my collection more romantic,soft***
I hope that you've been well! 
Thank you so very much for your comment that always lifts my soul. 
Many many hugs to you as well as we follow our hearts!
Wish you save,realaxed and mostly sweet weekend,my dearies:-)))*
Much Love and bid Spring hugs to all of you,


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Kiki aka Victoria zei

Violetta,..wow..wow..wow..you are So Magnificent!! Your are Super amazing..everything is so so gorgeous...mega-beautiful! You are pure poetry in everything you create!! I don't have words for how beautiful your designs and creations are!! Fabulous!!

and such lovely flowers too..magical photos my friend!!
Thanks for sharing your talents and beauty!! Shine on!

priti.lisa zei

Hello Violetta! I am astounded by the complexity of your work, The gowns are so soft and romantic, but they are also sexy in a very feminine way. I love what you said...
"Many many hugs to you as well as we follow our hearts!"
We are following our hearts, it's true!
I return all the hugs to you, sweet friend oxox

Tammy zei

Oh Violetta, I know any lady that wears one of your masterpieces will feel like a Princess. So so beautiful! Your creations are stunning and ultra feminine! I love them. Thank you so much for sharing your labor of love.
Spring has sprung here, as well. The trees had flowers and are now leafing out. The birds are chirping and pollen is all over the cars. Ick.
Take care my friend and I hope you have a lovely day.

Kata Wagner Berg zei

Welcame back! :) I loke spring too..and those beautiful flowers...
You are amaizing ,your creation is amaizing,beautiful,special!
Have a nice weekend Violetta!

lorenabr zei

Welcome back:) This dress looks amazing!
Love the spring- here we slide into fall :( !
Wish you a great weekend!

Champagne Macarons zei

Welcome back, Violetta! I've missed you immensely but understand that your creations demand your attention. Your couture gowns are pure beauty ~ feminine and exquisite!! They take my breath away.
I, too, am thrilled that spring has arrived.. flowers are blooming, birds are singing ~ I love it!
Wishing you a most lovely spring weekend, dear friend. xoxo, B

Sue Jack zei

Violetta! We have missed you, Girlfriend!

The bridal gowns are exquisite and I can see many hours and hours of design work and attention paid to details....just breathtaking, my Dear!

And the structure in the picture at the top with the crocuses...is that your home? or an nearby home/church? It's dreamy....whoever lives there must surely be a princess!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Violetta! Take care and welcome back!


Diana by Lagoa Design Studio zei

Oh, my dearest friend, your work is AMAZING!!! All details, lace and pearls... Breathtaking:)Wish to be a bride!!!

Much Love and Hugs,

georgia~gigi zei

Happy Happy Saturday Violetta Love! Oh so happy to see this post from you!
Ok, first of all OMG, look at your GORGEOUS house! I am in love with it! How do you ever leave it :)? Your yard looks beautiful too!

Yay for Spring!!!! It is my fave season! New Life around every corner!

Violetta, your new creations are amazing! So so talented you are!Just blows my mind!Oh, I would love to come see your studio one day!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend lovely lady!
Much love
gi gi

TheWildChild zei

Oh WOW . . .
few words: creative, passionate, romantic and lovely designs my dearest Violetta :)
such a very talented beautiful woman.
kisses . . . xoxo

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier zei

My Dear Violetta,
Thank you so very much for your lovely wishes for my Dear Mr. V's birthday! I made dinner and dessert and we had a wonderful day!

Such beautiful dresses!! What a wonderful job you have done on them!

Big hugs to you, Dear and wishing you a wonderful and productive week!


Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} zei

Hello beautiful friend!! I am so happy and joyful to see this new post, and I can imagine your work takes so much time. It is beyond impressive that your work is handmade couture, and that you made your own patterns! That is what we are learning as well, and so you are such an enormous inspiration to us!! Would it be possible for me to make a request that you can post some photos of the process of making the dresses? This interests us so very much, but if not then that is ok! I am just mesmerised by you and your gorgeous work. These dresses are absolutely stunning, and I can only imagine all of the difficult detailed work involved!
Happy Spring Violetta...I'm so happy for lovely flowers and warmth from the sun. Much love to you!


Haute World zei

Hello my dear, I hope you're doing well! So glad to see you posted again. The dresses are made are beyond gorgeous. Such a shame that when I lived in Amsterdam I didn't know you yet, or else I would have asked you to design my wedding dress! (I actually got engaged when I lived in Amsterdam). Thank you also for sharing these beautiful pictures of all the flowers. I'm so happy it's finally Spring!


Oh Violetta you are so incredibly talented! You take my breath away, sweetie! Happy spring to you. Thank you for sharing such beauty with us xoxo

Miles Of Style zei

hi Violetta!

first off im just so excited to see a new post here. secondly, your designs are soooo exquisite and gorgeous! having studied fashion designing, i know just how difficult and time consuming it is to create something this elaborate and lovely!

i love that gown with rose and pearl details...also the navy dress! you're super talented girl. keep the creativity going and i bet ur collection's gonna be sold out instantly!

love and hugs....

Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} zei

Hello again! In response to your comment, yes! My email is inspirationsinitaly@gmail.com . Thank you and also SO much for your incredibly sweet comment! ♥


Everything you create is wonderful!
You are an amazing designer Violetta!

Gorgeous! Beautiful! Stunning!

Ciao Bella!

Creative Carmelina

Taj Acosta zei

Hello dear! Everytime I come by here I just stare in amazement! The names alone of the fabrics you use are glorious! I love the gown! it's gorgeous and glam! kisses! -Taj

Little Rus zei

Hello dear V! Your work is simply amazing! The details are so gorgeous... So much work and so much love, but the results are clearly worth it.

J'Adore Fashion zei

These are just lovely!


Kiki aka Victoria zei

Hi Violetta...hugs and sparkles...thanks for your kind words and sweet visit..you are wonderful!Wishing you a happy beautiful day!

Lancerika zei

J'adore the violet flowers photos and the enchanting
wedding dress you created,so very dreamy and I would
feel like a princess if I could wear it,merci for making me dream...
Wish you the sweetest Springtime ever!
your art support is greatly appreciated
A bouquet of Spring flowers for you,belle Violetta!
LoVe from beautiful North Carolina

Champagne Macarons zei

Sweet Violetta,
thank you for coming by to visit. Spring is my favourite time of year! Everything is anew, as if life is beginning again.. I suppose in a way it is!
Much love to you, dear friend!
xoxo, B

Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} zei

Hello again lovely! I just stopped by to wish you a wonderful day today. I hope you are having a gorgeous Spring weekend!
Much love my beautiful sweet friend!
tanti baci**many kisses ♥

Loesje zei

dear violetta,

thank you fot your compliments!

You have a very good style/blog/pasion and work,ik like it sooo mutch!

Greetings and loves