dinsdag 30 november 2010

´´With LOVE from me & 29 november''

Hello,my beautiful friends:-)*
 Month November is almost gone...

 It´s a very special day for me:-)*
Exactly10 years ago I take one big decision to go for search of myself and delveloping...
10 years ago at 29 november 2010 precise I came to Netherland and let my Mother land Russia behind of me.
I realized me that I would like much more to learn and much more to doing in my life and it can not happened in Russia,unfortunately for me!
It was not easy and not very simple decision for me because my Mom must staying with two my suns-tweens in Russia,young mans of year 18...

 All different feelings flow me over...

 I must leaving behind of me too much...


 My mistery,style of my life,All must be change...And it happened:-)*
 And HOW much has been changes...
I am in Netherland already 10 years,I must incredibly much to learn,All things to learn ...
Once again,restart my life,it means ALOT for me!

I will share all my LOVE with many,many peoples,which helps me then to developing myself and gives me so much encouraging,so much graceful warm embrace:-)))*

 All new things what I learn in my work and in my life  are meaningful for me!
I celebrating today my birthday and my 10 Anniversary in Netherland:-)*




Wish all my Beauties inspirational week,
Much Love,

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Kiki aka Victoria zei

Violetta!!!! Beautiful post...congratulations..it is so wonderful to hear about your amazing life...a powerful inspiring post..I am very happy for you!!!

Diana by Lagoa Design Studio zei

Dorogaja Violetta, s godovshchinoj!!!:) 10 let - eto prilichnij srok. Ja tak soglasna so slovami "restart my life"... Eto ochenj trudno, no v to zhe vremja ochenj interesno. Boljeznjenno no produktivno.
Ja sama "restartirovala" sebja 4 goda nazad, (tozhe v nojabre:)) i po etomu dumaju, chto ponimaju Tebja ochenj horosho...
Da, i - Talantlivij chelovek vezde talantliv - budj eto rodina ili chuzhbina. Pozdravljaju, moj dragocennij drug!!!

With Love,

k. ryan zei

gorgeous photos - thank you so much for sharing & providing me with some much-needed inspiration on this dreary chicago day :)

Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} zei

My sweet friend,

First I saw your EVENING GOWN,2010 and WOW!!! Oh my it is so beautiful and your sketch October 2010 also!!! Someday I wish to sketch designs half as beautifully as you do.

Also I must tell you that this post actually brought tears to my eyes, and so much emotion I feel although I can't imagine exactly what you have been through to follow your dreams. You are such an inspiration, and I have a huge heart for your motivation, dedication, and letting your passion drive you to where you need to go. I admire this passion, especially since I can relate a tiny portion in what it feels like to chase a dream.

I love all of these beautiful images, especially #10 and #21....beautiful women sipping champagne in a tub! :)

Thanks for being a beautiful inspiration always.

Cindy Ellison zei

Dear Violetta, I really enjoyed your inspiring post about you making your dream come true. I realize it could not have been easy but look at you today and all you learned! All this past has just made you the strong woman you are today. Good for you that you followed your passion! I hope you have a wonderful birthday today and anniversary of your move.

Keep up the great work! ♥♥♥

georgia~gigi zei

Happy Happy Birthday My Beautiful Friend! (sorry I didn't get to wish it to you on your birthday, thankfully I could get to this post today :)
I do hope you had the most wonderful birthday! Hope you were showered with love :)
Happy Anniversay, you are so so brave! How wonderful to be living your dream! You are so talented to boot!
Beautiful post, what gorgeous images you find!
Much love to you Violetta
gi gi

The Gossamer Tearoom zei

My Dearest Violetta,
Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary on your new life! I am so very happy for you (and proud of you too! I know it took a lot of courage to do what you did!).

Thank you so, so much for the lovely picture you sent me! As you can see, I am no longer having the problems I told you about, which makes me very happy because I love visiting with you here!

Biggest hugs to you,


My Grama's Soul zei

Hello dear Violetta....I tried to make a comment the other evening but kept getting to some other spot...ah well blogger gremlins....anyway....what a hero you are to leave all behind and start a new life for yourself...took real courage.

Bless you my friend,


Madelief zei

Dear Violetta,

Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. It made me blush :-)!

Just read your story...pff that must have been very difficult to leave behind your mother and your sons for a new life. How much you must miss each other. I am happy Holland gives you the opportunities you were looking for. I hope you are happy here!! Have your sons & mum been to Holland yet?

Take care dear Violetta,

Lieve groet, Madelief

Couture Millinery Atelier. zei

Dorogaya Violetta, vi vsegda podbiraete samie krasivie foto k vashim postam! Ya propystila vash Den' Rojdeniya i vot, s nebol'shim opozdaniem no ochen' iskrenne xochy pojelat' vam vsego samogo volshebnogo, dobrogo, krasivogo, ispolneniya vsex jelanii i beskonechnix vdoxnovenii. :-) Shlu million pozdravlenii iz New Yorka!:-)))

Fashion, Art and other fancies zei

Happy days, happy months, happy belated birthday. It's a pleasure to read and taste your life online;-)

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier zei

All of your's comments giving me exellent touch of Love, encouraging,which means a WORLD to me,my wonderful Friends:-)*

Thank you million times,
Much,Much Love,

Pearl zei

Beautiful collection of photos!


Tabitha zei

Your designs and sketches are so incredibly beautiful.

Dustjacket Attic zei

It must have been SO hard to do what you did. To start again and to have to leave dear family too. You are very strong and so VERY talented darling.

A very moving post and such lovely photo's to go with it.

Have a beautiful weekend my friend,
xoxoxo DJ

Susie Jefferson zei

How fabulous! Big congratulations! I wish you every success for the next 10 years ... Much love, Susie in the UK

Miles Of Style zei

wow Violetta! thank you for sharing some of your life here. it must have been sooo hard for you to leave your home and go to another place and create your home all over again! im very glad that you made it!

congratulations! i wish all your dreams and wishes come true this year!

p.s. my hubby's b'day is on 29th Nov. too :)

Kat zei

congratulations! it sounds like it was a tough time but it must feel so good to realize your dreams, doesn't it?
i wish you a wonderful week :)

Lancerika zei

Belle Violetta,hope your Birthday
celebration was joyful:)
Life is not an easy journey
and yours is truly inspiring!
I admire your courage and
Celebrate every day!
Lady Luck smiles for you:)
Merci for your kindness
and sweet visit.
Wish you all the best
in this world:)

Couture Millinery Atelier. zei

Dorogaya moya Violetta - 10 let! Ya tak xorosho eto ponimau ved' v etom godu ispolnilos' 10 let so dnya moego ot'ezda iz Rossii. 10 let v poiskax schastlivoi novoi jizni i odnovremenno 10 let zaklucheniya vdali ot rodnix i blizkix.Violetta, vi prodelali takoi neveroyatnii pyt' i zaplatili takyu neveroyatnyu zeny. Pust' y vas vse bydet prekrasno!

shari @ little blue deer zei

Oh, Violetta! Happy Birthday and happy 10 years! It cannot have been easy to move to a brand-new country, but I am sure that your talent and kindness paved the way for you. And your English is wonderful, you must speak 3 languages now! Congratulations to you! XX!

Absolutely Ladylike zei

Happy Happy Anniversary dearest Violetta! I adore your courage...where are your sons living now? Are they in Netherland with you?

Happy December, cheers: Evi

maría cecilia zei

Dear Violetta, happy birthday to you my dear!!!! May you have much blessings and lots of success with the incredible wonderful creations you do... you are really a great inspiration and a very brave woman as to the story about your new begginings you share with us... believing in yourself is a great thing and you have accomplished what you have envisined, this is great!!!!
muchos cariños
maria cecilia

TheWildChild zei

Oh, lovely words and inspiration :-) I love your sketches. Very creative and talented. I am so happy for you. It's inspiring to hear great stories of success just like yours. Stay fabulous and happy :-)

Much Love xoxo

RosesMarijke zei

Hi Violetta

Ik ben heel blij dat je de moed hebt gehad om deze grote stap te nemen en Nederland mag blij zijn met jou als een talentvolle en gezegende ontwerpster!!
Je laat heel veel van ons de schoonheid zien door jouw ogen en dat vind ik helemaal geweldig!!

Love and kisses


TheWildChild zei

Oh, such a lovely words and inspirations. I love your sketches and designs. Very creative and talented. I am so happy for you. It's good to hear an inspiring stories of success just like yours. Belated Happy Birthday/Anniversary to you dear Violetta. Stay happy and fabulous :-)
Much Love xoxo


Violetta! well ten years is long enough to say that you sound happy and settled in your new way of life. you are following your passions...and only you can truly know what's best for you...or what you can handle in your life!
I'm happy to be a small part in sharing this special time with you..here in blog land!

thanks for your sweet comments on my blog....it really wouldn't be the same without hearing from you!

ciao bella Violetta!
Creative Carmelina