zaterdag 28 augustus 2010

Last Summer days inspiration...and fabulous Award!

Hi,for all of you,my wonderful Ladies:-)*
Do you believe that the fabulous,realy hot summer days are gone...and SO incredibly fast?!
                                                                              I dont't!..
I would LOVE more delight,pleasure,joyful,fun summer time with a whimsical beaches,adorable summer flowers and many,many wonderful design and fashion creations:-)))*
Here is some images,which inspired me and I want to share it with all of you,enjoy...

Look at these fabulous hot yellow colour combinations from the Sun...

Let the wind ruch,let the water frechen up,make you wings open and fly as a bird...
Those very joyful time is almost over and very slowly comes Fall with her deepst,warm colours by:-)*

Take a moment,just relax these last Summer weekend,sweethearts...
That's True!
The fall fashion keeping today all eyes constant by...

That's a little bit strange feeling: you missed the summer and you admire fall,but I think,that is normaly,
                                                                            Isn't it?!

And once more!-)*
I am SO happy with my new Award,wich I recieved from beyond fabulous fashionista,beaituful and very talented Rachel!
Thank you SO,SO much,darling!!!
Wish all of you,my Beauties a very calming,relax,just lovely LAST SUMMER weekend:-)))*
Enjoy them fullest,

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My Grama's Soul zei

Hello Violetta...What beautiful collages you have put together for us to view. Hopefully you had a wonderful summer and it sounds like you are looking forward to fall.



Mandy Higgs zei

Violetta!! I've missed talking to you!! Hope you have had a wonderful summer! I'm getting back into the art room and hope to post some more things for my blog:D I always love your comments and happiness:D Just want to say Hi.

lorenabr zei

They are great:)

shari @ little blue deer zei

Love the sunflower yellow and the purple ones! So gorgeous! XX!

Miles Of Style zei

i can't believe the summer breezed past so quickly either...but im totally looking forward to some dark colored clothes now...
that award looks delish...congrats sweetie!


vnikali zei

thanks babe~ i seriously love your sketches~
It would be great if you can do a sketch of me and put it on my blog~
I am back from SH come checkout my blog~

Champagne Macarons zei

Dearest Violetta~
summer flew by, in a blink of an eye it was gone. I hope you had a fabulous one.
These photo collages are beautiful!
xoxo, B

Cindy Ellison zei

Hi Violette, thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on my painting. I see you have some beautiful new posts on your blog. You are so blessed with talent, I love your drawings and designs.

Have a wonderful fall!

Cindy Ellison

Madelief zei

Hi Violetta,

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I am amazed by yours. You are a very talented lady! Those dresses you designed are really stunning!!!

Lieve groet,



These are so beautiful & dreamy Violetta! I too wish that summer would stay around a bit longer but your beautiful fall collages are making me crave fall, making the transition a bit easier :)

Enjoy the last summer weekend, sweetie! xoxo

Kat zei

congratulations, you deserve it :)

your photo collection is pretty inspiring!

(and thank you so much for your lovely words!)

its simple love zei

Gorgeous. I love the yellow colors. SO summery. Congrats on the award!


Jil~Say It With Roses zei

Hello Violetta....I loved your visit to my blog and see I have much to learn about doing collages....I love the soft dreamy edges and the overlapping...I will have to play much more! Yours are spectacular as are your designs!

congratulations on winning your is very much deserved!

Tangerine Fairy zei

can't believe it..already getting cool here..argh..have a great day sweet lady :)

Taj Acosta zei

Hello my dear friend! Such lovely images as usual! And congrats on your award! Hope you are well and enjoying yourself! Thanks for all of your comments always I appreciate them! kiss kiss

Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} zei

Hello my darling! Wow, such gorgeous collages...your passion for beauty always strikes me with amazement and joy! My favourites are the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th, such stunning photos.

Thank you SO much for mentioning me...I'm so flattered by your kind words. You deserve this award and thousands more!! I love you sweetie!!


Giovanna ♥ zei

Everything is absolutely beautiful!!
Boho Market Blog

Sofia zei

Виолетта,У Вас очень крависвые работы!Мне так нравится викторианская мода, я хотела бы жить в ней!Мне нравится как Вы оформляете платья, драпируете их!Очень - очень красиво!

Miles Of Style zei

new post! im totally looking fwd to one of your fab new posts now sweet Violetta!

have a fab weekend...and return back soon to the blogging world my dear friend!

xo, persis.

Champagne Macarons zei

Wishing you a beautiful weekend! I'm going to add you to my sidebar.
xoxo, B

Couture Carrie zei

Gorgeous collages, darling V!

And congrats on your award!


Couture Carrie zei

Gorgeous collages, darling!
And congrats on your award!


My Passport to Style zei

Dear Violetta, thank-you for your warm comments over on My Passport to Style, so lovely to return to.Loving your sunflower yellow post and a huge congratulations on your award! Sharon xx

Johanna Urban zei

They are Lovley :)

Johanna, Sweden