woensdag 14 juli 2010

Let the sun shining & simply delight summer flowers...

Hi,my beauties:-)*
I am often on the bike go look around...
And Oh my,oh my!!!
HOW enchanted are my feelings by when I see many hot summer flowers around me...

I am anyone those is totaly in Love with flowers,many,many different kinds of...

You see,my dearests,how delight they are:-)*
...you smell that smell...

Enjoy you day,my beautiful ladies:-)))*

Much Love,

16 opmerkingen:

georgia~gigi zei

Oh Violetta, such beautiful flowers! Love the poppies!
Big Smooch
gi gi

Paris Pastry zei

So beautiful! We better enjoy the flowers while they last. A lovely week to you Violetta!

faerwillow zei

~enjoy...i am savoring your beautiful blooms you've shared *sigh* be still my heart...thank you for sharing your day with us...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

Taj Acosta zei

Hello my dear,
what beautiful pictures! I never tire of looking at flowers! hope you are well my doll! hugs

Laura Beth zei

Beautiful photos. I love looking at your fashion sketches, so unique. Looks so fun to create fashion designs.

<3 Laura Beth

PS. Thanks for the nice compliments on my new paintings. ^_^ Your comments are much appreciated!

Rebecca zei

Just beautiful dear Violetta! I long for such loveliness in my garden. I don't grow things very well I'm afraid.



Oh Violetta these are all so gorgeous! I love flowers and these are just spectacular! Hope you're having a fabulous week sweetie! xoxo

Couture Carrie zei

Gorgeous post, darling!
Love these flowers!


shari @ little blue deer zei

Gorgeous flowers! I too love flowers, I love taking care of my container garden! Such joy! XO!

Persis Shah zei

those are truely pretty flowers and photographs !

happy weekend dearie!


Kat zei

very pretty flowers and very well captured :)

Mandy Higgs zei

Fresh flowers reflect the beauty of our soul:D I love this post lovie:D

Absolutely Ladylike zei

Beautiful flowers dear Violetta...and those Dior gowns below make me cry...

Hope you're having a wonderful summertime.

Much love: Evi

Haute World zei

What gorgeous images! I adore flowers as well and the ones you posted are simply divine! There's nothing more beautiful than taking a walk on a sunny day and inhaling the beautiful floral scent :)

Tammy zei

Oh Violetta, what a fabulous stroll we took. I adore poppies. The color is so vibrant against the green. Your photos are gorgeous. Flowers delight the soul. I love fresh flowers in the house. They always make me smile.
Hugs to you. Enjoy your day.

its simple love zei

For this reason I love summer! I love the flowers, especially the wild ones in the mountains.