woensdag 7 juli 2010

Fabulously Dior forever!

Hello,my dear,dear Friends!-)*
I can not waiting to share with you these adorable photos from new fashion show of Dior...
I must show one's gratitude to Artemij from http://art-fash.blogspot.com/

Paris re-opened its doors to the world of high fashion. Christian Dior introduced the first new collection of Haute Couture Grand Maitre Galliano show held in the magnificent palace of Tuileries. The theme of the new collection are floral motifs. The bright, voluminous dresses reminiscent of tulips, lilies and orhide.Stiven Jones has created an amazing display for hats like the wrapping paper which is used by florists, the entire collection can be said singing the anthem colors, this can be seen, thanks to the unique fabrics, pale yellow and dress of black taffeta that manually schedule a pansy, and John did not forget the unique style of Christian Dior and with an elegant silhouette tulip which can be traced throughout the collection. The podium was decorated with huge poppies, and all the action was like an exhibition of flower arrangements. Recently, all shouting that Haute Couture Fashion dies, but look at how can you say? ...

I am SOooo impressed and keeping my eys open for all unvisible deatils there...
                                  That is not do describe you HOW much I love creations of Dior!
                                                         And fabulously great Galiano...

Wish all of my dearies a very blessed,inspirational week!-)))*
                                                                   ***  Much Love,

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lorenabr zei

Love Dior! Perfect show as always!

Holly Loves Art zei

Oh what an absolute treat! To see your G O R G E O U S fashion illustrations and a fashion show too! I love it here! I feel so inspired... and oh how I wish I could "really" draw and not just doodle. YOU are such a talent. Thanks so much for sharing.

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou zei

oh how beautiful! Dior does not disappoint! it's truly one of the true high fashion couture labels out there.
xo alison

Art-fash zei

Agree the amazing beauty!!!))))))

FrenchBlue zei

So so so pretty... like a dancing flower...like flowers dancing a ballet.... like everything wonderful!

Viktoria Kovtun zei

Such beautiful dresses!! I would like one something like that! but the pictures are amazing! do you go to these fashion shows personally? I also love the floral designs but am too afraid to wear them sometimes... have a good rest of the week Violeta!!

Verus zei

I love this flower inspired collection!

Marijke van Ooijen zei

Sweet Violetta,

What a very beautiful pictures!
I love this so much..the colors so nice.
Maybe this collection is so nice for my dolls and bears?

Thank you for this beautiful pictures and your lovely words...



He is just the most inspirational of all the designers today. I am going to Seattle on Thursday-Monday for a little yachting around Puget Sound & cooler weather. The heat here is truly unbearable, we cannot go outside! sending love, darling Violetta...

My Grama's Soul zei

Such beautiful designs.....altho, I fear not for the average woman. But the creativity is so magnificent.



Couture Carrie zei

Exquisite collection!
Especially loving all those gowns!

Gorgeous post, darling V!


Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} zei

Darling Violetta,

These designs are so stunning, so aesthetically pleasing, so dramatic and so gorgeous on the runway! My favourite you have shown here are the 1st and 4th...just so magical and enchanting. Your eye for beauty is contagious, and I must say that this music playing is so beautiful! Also dear Violetta, I am so touched and honoured that you have added my link and photo on your blog! I have the biggest smile on my face right now. :):) Thank you, for you are an inspiration to me and a wonderful friend.


Maleviks Rosenträdgård zei

Hugs from Sweden

Diana by Lagoa Design Studio zei

Adorable voluminous dresses!!! So feminine, chic and colorful:) I do love Dior's flowers theme.

Have a wonderful weekend, my sweet friend!
Love and kiss,


Just breathtaking Violetta!!! What a show! Thank you for sharing these gorgeous pieces with us :)

Hope you had a wonderful week sweetie and that you have a week filled with much joy :)

libys11 zei

wow.. stunning, majestic and pure glamour!!! love it! :D

Animated Confessions

Dustjacket Attic zei

I was amazed at his collection...but I always am. He is such a genius. I loved the pictures you post....beautiful.

Happy weekend darling,

Patricia Snook zei

*gasps* I am utterly in awe at your sketches, you're so fabulous! This selection of Dior pieces is stunning, I love the colours and textures.

Have an awesome week ahead xoxo

K A B L O O E Y zei

Wow, of course the Dior stuff is beautiful, but I was blown away by your work. Can you try out for Project Runway so we can all root for you??

Jane zei

Your work is GORGEOUS!! What a feast for my eyes. Thank you for joining in 52 Projects!!

Kat zei

thank you so much, it means a lot :)

galliano is a master, i really adore every single design of him!

Brenda zei

Moi aussi!! I absolutely love Dior as well!! I look forward to his creations each season. The dress in the first photo is exquisite ♥
I hope you're having a lovely week.
xoxo, B