dinsdag 15 juni 2010

Summer picnik and lovely wishings very sunshine week for you:-)*

Weekend is over...and Sooo fast!-(*
With a many plesure I would like to share with all my dearies some delightful images from my sinshining weekend:-)*

I made a realy tasty and such helthy salad.my beauties...with avocado,apples and coriander,mmm...!!!-)*

It was lovely sunny day... 

Full of summer flowers and realy,realy,realy nice nature around of me and my friends...

It was just joyful sunday...

Wish all of you,my beautiful Ladies,these week,full of many sun,flowers,smile:-)*
Always with much Love,

10 opmerkingen:

Jane E. Smith zei

Wow, that salad looks SO good- avocado and apple are two of my favorite foods. And your designs are gorgeous; makes me wish I was getting married soon! :)
Come visit my inspiration board, galleryofinspiration.blogspot.com!

RosesMarijke zei

Lieve Violetta

Wat ziet het er allemaal mooi en heerlijk uit bij jou!!

En die salade...mmmmmm....

en die prachtige bloemen...wat een schoonheden allemaal...

Ik wens jou ook een heerlijke week toe!

Love and kisses


Art-fash zei

Oh how wonderful the flowers, and these dishes look appetizing! Paradise

Persis Shah zei

your sketches are absolutely aweinspiring! you are soooo talented. i love them all!


Nigea zei

hello Violetta ! mmmm.... yummy salad ! and refreshing photos :) very nice to me, especially as the weather here is just horrible ! hope everything is ok for you, have a great afternoon, hugs and kisses

Mandy Higgs zei

Ahhh.... i wish i could have joined you sweetie!! Looks so amazing in the garden!! I love the fresh salads and the red poppies!!
Your a burst of sun in my little life already Violetta:D

Paris Pastry zei

Wow! That looks like the perfect outdoor lunch! Have a wonderful week!

Couture Carrie zei

Gorgeous pics, darling!
Love all these flowers!

Hope you are having a fantastic week so far!

And thanks for all your lovely comments:)


The Shiny Pebble zei

Hello my dear, I am so glad you will be joining in tomorrow at The Shiny Pebble Finale Party. I can't wait to see what you come up with. You are a sweetheart!
Hugs and Kisses

Marijke van Ooijen zei

Dear Violetta,

Your collages are so beautiful.
The salade and the flowers...ooohhh''''it's so lovely to see..
I love this pictures so much ..thank you!

Lieve groetjes..