zondag 20 juni 2010

Celebrate June 20-21 is a very important day for our Planet:-)*

Hello,my dearest Friends!-)*
June 20-21 is a very important day for our Planet.

And its realationship with the Sun!
June 20-21 is one of two solstices,days when the rays of the Sun directly strike one of the two tropical latitude lines...

And OMG...!-)*
HOW much i would like to share with allof you,my beautiful Ladies these video!!!

Always with Love for all of you,

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its simple love zei

Violetta! Just got back from San Fran and trying to catch up on all that I missed in the lovely blog world. I love this post. Beautiful images and I didn't know the significance of the date. How lovely.


luthien zei

what breathtaking images and a beautiful video! thank you for sharing with us!! :)

Marijke van Ooijen zei

My dear friend Violetta,

The nature is so important for me an al the people of the world.
I am so happy when I see this beautiful pictures and the meditations for the oceans.
I think you are a very spiritueel woman with a good heart for the nature.
Thank you for this post!

With a lot of love,

Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} zei

Hello Love! These photos are so so gorgeous. I find nature so inspiring! Have a wonderful Monday. :)


My Grama's Soul zei

Oh Violetta.....you always create the most beautiful posts. This one has made my heart sing. My husband and I spent years boating the ocean and it is such a magical and beautiful place TRULY ONE OF GOD'S WONDERS!!!!!!


The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after zei

Hello My Angel,

Your post is genius. I adore the short film and subject matter. The summer solstices is for me a time of celebration because it means three months of lovely weather.

I'm grateful to you for your constant support and love. I am thankful that you always take the time of offer me your encouragement.

All my love from your friend,

faerwillow zei

~violetta...first...thank you always for your l♥ve you send...it warms my heart and fills my soul...you are a bright blessing in my day to day...this is a beautiful post warm solstice blessings and best wishes~

Viktoria Kovtun zei

Your post is beautiful! and I didnt know that about tehe sun! thanks for that info!


What a gorgeous post sweetie! I love the summer solstice. I wish I could be way up north to experience it :)

Hope your having a wonderful week!

Duchess of Tea zei

Hello my darling Violetta,

I miss you my darling, I miss you so so much. We have never met, but please believe me when I say; I feel so close to you as though we have been good friends forever. Darling, each time you have left me a comment, it was so full of sweet words, kind and loving thoughts and prayers, and each brought grateful tears to my eyes. I just cannot imagine how someone I have never met can care so much about me and those I love. Darling, the answer to this is because you are a beautiful person inside and out. You are genuinely loving and caring, so full of compassion and that is what resonates from your words. So luv, thank you, thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for being there for me.

You also are very clever my friend. You see I persuaded Hetty to create a blog, however; she did not want anyone to know that we are friends; she said she wanted to attract followers on her own and not have followers because she is my friend. So today, she calls me and says, “Duchess, Violetta is one clever lady, she figured out we are friends,” she was laughing hysterically and was amazed as to how you figured it out. She told me you had sent her an email and had asked her to forward it to me. We had a good laugh this morning over this and we both thank you. Lately, both Hetty and I have been very concern about Rosemary (Lady R) and have not had any reason to laugh, so for that my darling thanks so much. I must say I loved the clip you had sent us. It was so calming, I watched and re-watched it and forwarded it to Lady R. She later called to tell me that she too found it very soothing and relaxing. Violetta darling, thank you so much for being so thoughtful and caring. You are unrivaled in friendship. How lucky I am to have you in my life.

Darling, I read your post about your trip to Moscow. I am delighted that you had to opportunity to go and visit your son, his family and your mum. Princess Violetta looks adorable. I love the coat you designed and made for her. So elegant and unique, a masterpiece.

Darling, I will talk to you soon, in the meantime, do take care of yourself. Sending my regards to Mr. Cordes and lots of love and hugs to you my friend.


La Petite Gallery zei

This is my first visit .WOW! this is a wonderful post. That black dress is gorgeous.

so are your sketches


Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} zei

Hello Darling, I just wanted to stop by today and thank you for all of your sweet and heartfelt comments lately. Your kind words on my Pink Summer Creation meant so much to me, especially because you are such an incredibly talented lady! You are inspiring to both me and my husband, and your advice is valuable to us.

Thank you so much my friend!


Persis Shah zei

magical. dreamy. gorgeous images!

Happy weekend!


The Gossamer Tearoom zei

Dear Sweet Violetta,
I see that you are all ready to party!!! Blogger has been playing bad monkey and posted my ever-so-closely guarded secret party post, but I really do want to start it at midnight because it is such a special time of the day (or night, that is!). It always makes me so happy to see you leave comments for my posts as soon as I make them! I only wish I was able to do the same for you!

Only about 4 1/2 hours more to go!! I promise!

Biggest Friday Night Hugs to YOU, my friend!!


Dustjacket Attic zei

Hello my darling, hope you are going great!

I just love this post and the pictures you chose are just beautiful.

I do hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend,
xoxo DJ

re comment, I know it is so sad she is no longer with us, so very tragic.

Absolutely Ladylike zei

Such gorgeousness dear Violetta! I'm absolutely addicted to the beautiful Sun :-)

Hope you're having a lovely weekend so far...cheers: Evi


Hello, this is my first visit here and I am blown away ! It's the most heavenly place to be. Thank you so much !

vnikali zei

i love ur sketches! u are so talented!!!
keep up the great work

Fabulous Finds Gal zei

How incredibly beautiful, dear lady. It motivates me to go take a walk on the beach today and take in all the beauty God has created for our enjoyment.


Laura Beth zei

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your sketches and designs are wonderful. Very Inspiring!

<3 Laura Beth

Verus zei

Hello Dear Violetta,

These pictures are stunning! I love the music of your blog!
I hope you spend nice days! :-))