maandag 17 mei 2010

My creative work must be wating sometimes...I go to Moscow!:-)))*

My creative work must be waiting...

Hello,my beauties...
I would love to share with all of you my very,very happy feelings!-)*
I go to Moscow to my little precious granddaughter,little Violetta,my sun and my beautiful Mom,she comes there from Sibirie and I have not seen her almost two years...
These is my way to my lovely and amazingly missing my family***
I am SO excited about it and SO happy:-)))*

I live in Netherland since 2000.Every year I go to another different amazingly nice countries (for my vacation or for my work...)
And one time in the year I go to Russia with a very emotional beating in my heart...
I Love all little things there!-)Sometimes is not a realy good or easy or not so lightly daily life there,I know
it, heart will stay there***


Absolutely enchanted time waiting for me there...
                               It would be many fun,laugh and happy tears,I know it,I know it,I know it!!!-)))*

I wish all of you,my dear,dear ladies a great, fabulous week...
                                 Enjoy each day, laugh alot, share, love and live life to the fullest. For it is a gift:-)))*
 Always with Love,

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Mademoiselle Frou-Frou zei

oh how wonderful...have a wonderful time! i hope to go to Russia someday. I have a friend who talks about how beautiful it is all of the time.
xox alison

its simple love zei

Oh I am so jealous that you are going to Russia! Those pictures are incapacitating. I wish I went to a different country every year. Maybe that will be my new goal. Please take a million pictures and share them all. And I think I left my heart in Peru. I know how it feels to fall in love with a country.


lorenabr zei

Have fun :)

RosesMarijke zei

Lieve Violetta

Wat heerlijk dat je naar je geliefde vaderland gaat om je familie weer te ontmoeten!!

En wat fijn dat je je familie en mam weer teug ziet na een lange tijd....wat zullen jullie veel te bepraten hebben...ik wens je een hele fijne en gezellige tijd toe en ik hoop dat je
een onvergetelijke vakantie krijgt!

Tot spoedig ziens Violetta en veel liefs en hugs and kisses van Marijke

Paris Pastry zei

Have a wonderful trip, Violetta! I live in the Netherlands too, so I can imagine you love to visit other countries ;)!

Much love,
♥ Daniëlle

Μαiρη zei

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your trip!!!

Absolutely Ladylike zei

Dear Violetta!

Have a wonderful time with your Mom and Granddaughter. I know how precious are these moments as I'm living far from my family as well...

By the way I always wanted to go to Moscow...I think it's a magical city!

Happy Monday and much love!

Cheers: Evi

Couture Carrie zei

Have an amazing trip, darling V!
This post is soooooooo gorgeous!


Diana by Lagoa Design Studio zei

Oh, darling, have a wonderful trip to Moscow!!! I've never been there, but hope someday it will happen.

Much love and hugs, my sweet friend!

paperbutterfly zei

What a wonderful trip you will have Enjoy every moment. It is a beautiful country with special people. Lovely design skecthes.
Blessings, Pam


Have a wonderful trip sweetheart! I'm so happy for you :) xoxo

Taj Acosta zei

Hi dear! What an amazing trip you have ahead of you! Russia! I have a dear friend who lives there and I hope to visit there some day too. I hope you have a very blessed trip my dear friend! And this photos are inspiring! Have a great week! hugs!

à la parisienne zei


I hope that you have a wonderful and safe trip!
Bon voyage!


Sparkster zei

Have a safe and wonderful trip. :) Btw, did you make the button tree? I absolutely adore it!

Faith, trust, and faerie dust,

Viktoria Kovtun zei

wow beautiful dresses and sketches, never seen anything like them!! are you a designer?
- Viktoria Kovtun

A Whimsical Girl Named Debbie zei

Have a whimsical time, my darling! Your sweet presence will be missed! Thank you for always spreading jot to my world when you drop by GirlWhimsy!

Couture Millinery Atelier. zei

Violetta, kakaya je vi schastliviza chto edete v Moskvy! Ya tak ee lublu! Ya tol'ko mogy sebe predstavit' kak schastliva bydet malen'aya Violetta vashemy priezdy. :-))) Poslednii raz ya bila v Moskve v 2004-m gody i vot vse nikak ne soberys' opyat'. Ya bydy s neterpeniem jdat' vashix rasskazov po vozvrascheniu iz Moskvi. Spacibo vam ogromnoe za vash prekrasnii kommentraii k moemy posty ob Atel'e. Ya zenu kajdoe slovo ved' ya vlojila stol'ko sil v sozdanie moego Atel'e :-). S radost'u priglashau vas v gosti!:-)

BonjourRomance zei

Dear Violetta,
Oh I am so happy you will be able to see your Mother and sweet little
Violetta! We will miss you. Wishing you a very wonderful times with
your family and enjoy your time in Moscow. It will be good for you to
be back in your home country! I feel the same when I return to the
United Stated, my home country!
Safe travels and all my best,

My Grama's Soul zei

Dear Violetta.....I'm so very delighted you will be able to travel to see your family. And Russia.....what more can be said about this amazing
city. We traveled there years ago, and had a visual overload and a delightful time.


Persis Shah zei

ahhmazing pics!

thanks for following my blog...i'm following yours too now! and hope to see more of such fabfulous posts soon.


Kat zei

what a lovely post full of happy feelings :) the cupcakes look so delicious and i really like the tree made of buttons :)

Haute World zei

Wishing you a wonderful time in Russia and how lovely you'll get to see all of your family again! I too live far away from mine, so it's not always easy but makes it all the more wonderful when you do get to see them!

Sue Jack Designs zei

I so hope you are having a wonderful time visiting your family! It makes me long to see my mother and sister, too....I haven't seen either of them in a year!
I love reading your posts, too! The emotion you show and the pictures you share with us are wonderful....
Enjoy, Sweet sister!

Couture Carrie zei

Gorgeous post, darling V!
Hope you have an amazing trip!


Ylenia zei

I have just found your blog. I love your drawings and if I ever will get married, I'll come back to you for my dress!
Actually I love the black one (not for a wedding).
Holland is a beautiful country but for sure Russia must be amazing.

Keep in touch and please visit my blog!


Joker zei

The tree is amazing. Is such a good idea for the kids! Beautiful blog!


i love your pics so mcuh! enjoy!

its simple love zei

I hope things are going well there! I am excited for your return! If you return, if Russia doesn't gobble you up and you fall in love with it. Though you already have fallen in love with it I know. Have a lovely time!


Maleviks Rosenträdgård zei

Thank you soo much for your levely comment :)
I like your blog to :)

Dustjacket Attic zei

Oh that is so lovely for you to have some family time in your home country. I hope you are having fun and enjoying each moment.