dinsdag 20 april 2010

***My little driving holiday through Europe***

Hello,my dear,dear Ladies!-)*
It's me again...
Here are some of the delightful details that maked my driving holiday very special!

  I can't to describe you all my feelings by...how pleasent and how delightful was my little trip!:-)))
But I try it(excuse me for my english...)These was a really great fresh breath in my daily life,my dearies!
At first,a big encouraging was that the name of the place where we going to-Cordes sur Ciel in France and the surname of my boyfriend is Cordes,isn't great?!-)* We where curious... and we has a lot sense of interests.

By the way,my boyfriend has nothing with this amazing nice place,I mean no history behind it or some familie from France! But these fact touched us,because SO unimaginable pleasant place is Cordes sur Ciel...

If you like being a tourist, this is the place for you. It is chock-full of ex-pats in chocolate-box picture houses, over 50 resident artists, numerous restaurants, three museums and its own heritage industry.

Cordes "on the sky" - so called officially since the twentieth century, because of the way it rises above low lying mists on winter mornings***
The town was founded in 1222 by Raimon VII, Count of Toulouse,


Today Cordes is renowned for its luxurious houses and small palaces built by prosperous merchants and noble families between 1280 and 1350. Gothic decorations can be found in the architecture and some faades are decorated with high relief sculptures.***
That is a dream place ful of inspiration and great atmosphare!-)))*
And the next one was another very special place in France.
I made so much photos and if it possible I would like to share with you all of these,but I am worry that do you have not so much time to look at this post and I would like to keep it excited:-)*
The History always amazed me...I can endless wolking around all these magical places!
***Oh,my dear friends!-)*I am sure that do you know precise whre come from my next photocollage...

Yes,this is an amazing big and beautifl Barselona!
Sitting in a little cafes,wolking around the shops and looking,looking...enjoy it very much:-)
Barselona embraced me with her whimsical, fascinating streets...
We stopped by some hotels to rust and than we continue these adventure!
Finally,we coming to a mostly desirable place in the world: Venezia,my dear Ladies***
I am never been there and Venezia tuched me immensly!
Thousend and million peoples from whole world comes there and everyone has own expirience.

Venezia amazed me and steal my heart,there I can stay very long time***
We must back at home and in Maastricht(not yet at home in Netherland) we stay two days.I live in Netherland 10 eayrs but never been in Maastricht and this is incradibly nice place,as all places whre we staing during these delightful trip!-)*

I think I need more time for all inspirations what I recieved from these adventure trip of us and I should be to share with all of yours,my dear friends ffrom magic Blogland world!!!-)*

Much Love,

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lorenabr zei

Miss Venice :) looks like you had a great trip


I love your stories and the beautiful photos, Violetta. I think I could live in Italy, on the Amalfi Coast, but the little village in the clouds in France looks like home. Wonder if any Americans live there? xx's Marsha

Couture Carrie zei

Such gorgeous photos, darling V!
What an amazing trip!


Couture Millinery Atelier. zei

Dorogaya Violetta, kakoi izymitel'nii post! Kakaya vi schastiviza yvidet' vse eto svoimi glazami i pbivat' v etix volshebnix mestax!Ya teper' plenniza svoego Atel'e i dymau chto ne skoro smogy virvat'sya v Evropy. Obnimau vas i ochen' rada vashemy vozvrascheniu!:-)))

A Whimsical Girl Named Debbie zei

Everything looks wonderful! So pretty! I know you had a fabulous time, darling!


Duchess of Tea zei

Violetta darling I am so glad you had a wonderful time and thanks for sharing these lovely photos and the history of places you've visited. And darling your English is just perfect, so keep writing. Have a lovely day my friend.

Love & Hugs

Duchess of Tea zei

Violetta darling I just popped in to thank you for the kind and comforting words you left for me on my blog. Your heartfelt comment meant the world to me. Your second visit to check on me truly brought tears to my eyes. I sat there and cried and thanked God for sending you my darling to me. You are an angel. Thank you my friend for being so concern and for taking the time to visit me twice. I wish you knew what it meant to me. I just want to reach into my screen and give you a big tight hug. I treasure you.

I also wanted to thank you once more for the lovely award you honoured me with recently. I have posted the award on my today's post. Thanks again darling.

Sending you big hugs, lots of love and tall red roses.



What an amazing trip! I love your photos and the stories you shared. Have a wonderful day Violetta! xoxo

jordiegirl zei

Dear Violetta

I have popped over from the Duchess of Tea's blog to visit you and now I have I must become a follower of your gorgeous blog.

I was drawn to you because of your name 'Violetta' as that was my grandmother's name, then I found another connection, you are living in The Netherlands. My husband's mother was a Dutch lady from Rotterdam and he still has an aunty and cousins living there who we visit from time to time.

I love all your drawings and designs they are absolutely fabulous, I do wish I could draw but I am hopeless at drawing.

Do come by and visit my blog some time when you have the chance.

I will be back soon to check out your blog again.

With best wishes

Marijke van Ooijen zei

Dear Violetta,

What a beautifull pictures of your holliday..
And thank you so much..whe can look at this pictures..!
I think it was a lovely holliday..

Big hug,

Mandy Higgs zei

Hey sweetie!!! Thanks for all your awesome comments lov!! You have a beautiful spirit!! I love your comments they make me smile!!

Karen Sullivan zei

I am following you from Duchess / Rose Tea Cottage blog. You are extremely talented.


Couture Millinery Atelier. zei

Dorogaya Violetta, ya prishla pojelat' vam prekrasnix vixodnix i esche raz perechitav vash poslednii post hochy skazat', chto vi, veroyatno, zaryadilis' takim vdoxnoveniem posle etogo pyteshestviya!!! Takie zamechatel'nie snimki...Kak bi mne toje xotelos' v Italiu pryamo seichas!:-))))

Susie Jefferson zei

Wow, what fabulous photographs! Wish I was there too. It all looks wonderful.

Dustjacket Attic zei

Sweet Violetta what an amazing time you had, I would so loved to have done that.

Thank you so much for sharing your photo's, which are gorgeous and make me want to go even more!!

I hope your weekend is going great,
big hugs DJ xxxxx

Belle Vie zei

thank you for sharing the photos of your holiday ~ I'm certain it was magical!
I have a friend that moved to Barcelona close to two years ago, I hope to visit someday.
xoxo, B

Duchess of Tea zei

Violetta darling you make me one happy Duchess each time you pop in for a visit. I love reading your sweet comments, thank you for the lovely compliment. Luv, I danced my way through ironing and gardening today and for the next two days I am planning to clean my cottage. Oh! I also baked a delicious cake today, I wish you were here to taste it, may be some day. Luv, have a lovely week , talk to you soon.

Sending my love to you and Mr. Cordes


Beautiful villa... wish I could walk there! ;)

Hugs and blessintgs to you my dear friend...


Plumrose Lane zei

What a delightfully wonderful trip Violetta, thank you so much for sharing your adventure with us. Each location was more enchanting and magical than the last.

The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after zei

I’m delighted you had a love trip and your photos have inspired me. They make me want to go on holiday too. Thank you so very much for sharing your little adventure with me.
All my love dear friend.
Yours truly,

Inspiration in Italy zei

Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments lately! You truly always make me smile!!! :)


Couture Millinery Atelier. zei

My darling Violetta, ya reshila zaglyanyt' k vam na ogonek yznat' kak vi pojivaete i kak vashe nastroenie. Ochen' lubopitno yznat' kak idet rabota nad novimi kollekziyami i o vashix tvorcheskix panax. Obnimau vas i jelau vam prekrasnoi nedeli, moya dorogaya talantlivaya Feya!:-)))

A Whimsical Girl Named Debbie zei

Hi sweetie -

Thank you sooo much for always visiting & leaving such divine comments! Your visits brighten my day! Muah!


Pearl zei

Beautiful Photos!
I wanna visit there someday!


The Gossamer Tearoom zei

Dearest Violetta,
I had not yet had a chance to look at your beautiful vacation photos! What a wonderful opportunity you had to see so many lovely places! I hope that the excitement that you found in these places energizes you to be even more creative!



My Grama's Soul zei

Dear friend.....I'm sorry I haven't been by lately, as I have been a little under the weather. But...my..oh...my what a fabulous trip you had, you pictures are divine. I have been to Venice, and you pictures took me right back there. Thank You!!