woensdag 3 maart 2010

''When binding your corset, take the time to do it well...''

Good day,my dear,dear Ladies!-)*
Today I would like to share with you my big passion,almost an obsession-The corset!
The corset to weare... and the corset to make.
This is for me most incredible item,because I am in love with corsets(!!!),and also busy to make this SO special article!-)
At first,I introduse you this amazing and very intresting book(for proffessionals in making),but also great book if do you like history of corsets...
Throughout the centuries, the corset has spanned the classes and been the faithful companion of women.
May I bore you with some old pictures?...
Corsets have become a fashion favourite in the new Millenium. Corset makers and corset companies are springing up everywhere, and there's renewed interest in an art form that was, until recently, almost lost for ever: the art of corset making.

Though commonly associated with the Victorian upper class, corsets originated in the 16th century and, by the 19th, had become a hallmark of fashion for nearly all females. Practically essential for women of aristocratic birth, corsets were also adopted by working middle class women aspiring toward similar ideals
of fashion.                                                                                                                                                  

So, what happened to the corset? In 1960, DuPont introduced Lycra to the manufacturing process, making whalebone or metal-framed corsets obsolete, and transforming the corset proper into the girdle. Then in the 70s bra-burning feminists brought cries for less restrictive, more natural feminine fashions. But the corset never completely vanished, no it's still here and it's still absolutely the hallmark of fashion!-)*

Corsets are very important when recreating fashions of the period. They create smooth body contours necessary for correct fit of the formfitting bodice. A reproduction corset is essential to achieving the grace and elegance of the period. They can make you feel like a true Victorian lady of distinction. And, they can be fun, whimsical, and sexy when worn on the outside for all to see!

A true corset is unlike the modern adaptations found in lingerie shops around the world today. Before the 1910s corsets, for the most part, had no stretch and were made to fit very tightly, shaping your body to conform to the ideal silhouette of the era.

I am an admirer of Dita von Teese.
''Corsets Are the Most Expensive Items I Wear''
The queen of glamour Dita Von Teese has admitted that her burlesque corsets
are the most expensive items of clothing she owns."I'm a lingerie aficionado. I consider myself an expert," she told the daily London newspaper.

While she no longer wears corsets every day, they used to be a key part of her daily ensembles. As a modern style icon, Dita has rekindled the popularity of party corsets as a coveted piece of luxury fashion.

The corset is probably the most controversial garment in the history of fashion. Although regarded as an essential element of fashionable dress from the Renaissance into the twentieth century.

***My favorite Dior forever...

I am almost finished with my assignment(corsets for my client) ...
So,I will soon share it with you,my dear virtual friends,my dear,dear Ladies!-)*
My special thanks word!-)***
I wil to say a great and great THANKYOU for my dear friend DJA-''DustjacketAttic'' for an amazing chance to use some beautiful images  and a gorgeous image from one of the mostl talented photograg-Andrew Farrington here!-)))

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wow very beautiful..in pictures..but I couldn't imagine having to wear one of those...

i like being able to breathe freely!!!!

loved your educational post today...thanks Violetta darling!!!

ciao bella
hugs and kisses!

Diana by Lagoa Design Studio zei

What a wonderful post! I love it!!! I'm excited to see the corset what are you making now.

Kisses from Portugal!

The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after zei

Stunning corsets. Beautiful post, I adore Dita. I think she is very sensual and brave.
Thank you for sharing this with me.
Warm regards,

RosesMarijke zei

Wat een schitterende foto's Violetta!!

Wat mooi hoe jij dat allemaal beschrijft....en hoe vrouwelijk en mooi al die kledingstukken zijn!!
Ik ben heel benieuwd naar jouw creatie....ik vind het ook heel interessant hoor!!

veel liefs en xxx van Marijke

Duchess of Tea zei

Violetta darling this was yet another amazing post. I loved the photos and the information you provided. Darling, I popped in to personally thank you for the sweet birthday wishes you left for Christopher. We are both ever so grateful for you kindness.

Love & Hugs

Daisy zei

Your Majesty,

I just loved your article on the corsetts! So many interesting facts and colorful images:) I just love the old fashion corsett personally:) I will be back to continue reading your fabulous blog articles!!

Royal wishes,

Poli zei

корсеты - это навечно!!! он может быть декоративным, и не броским, но в любом случае это будет так эротично и женственно!!

уау! ты шьешь красивые вещи!))))))))

Rebecca zei

Dear Violetta,

Your work continues to amaze me. Thank you for your visit today regarding my father's b-day.

When my daughter married two years ago I made her dress. I purchase a REAL corset for her because her gown needed it and her "boobies" needed the support. She was lovely...but NOTHING like what you create...the BEST I've ever seen.

I love your work!

Love, Rebecca

Peter Breese zei

Nice post and shots!

My Grama's Soul zei

What a great post you have done today!! Such beautiful pictures of corsets; however, I like to breath on a regular basis, so I'm afraid they are not in my immediate future!! LOL



Sue Jack Designs zei

Hello, Violetta! I so enjoyed reading this post...and have, in fact, spent a couple of hours over the past two days reading and looking over your blog. There's so much to see....your talent cup runneth over!

Your VM creations are drop-dead gorgeous!
I am so flattered and happy that you are following my blog, too...I love meeting new people...especially those as creative as you and Diana Lagoa!



Violetta these are absolutely beautiful! I love corsets and can't wait to see your creations!

Hope you're enjoying the weekend, love!