zondag 28 maart 2010

We Love Spring!-)* And flowers inspiration...***

Happy,Happy Sunday,my dearest Ladies!-)*
I could not be more glad that Spring has come.... We waking up in the morning and opening the windows breathes life into our home and also into our mind!-)*Here I would like to share with everyone some of the delightful details that maked my world day to day more happier!

These kind of feelings I have every year when the Spring is come!
You would be happy if you can to make changes in something and do you want to do it very,very much!These is very intence feeling...I think by all of us?! Isn't it?!-)))*
***My Love for flowers inspired me every day and now is one of especially great time for all kinds of inspiration...

''Flowers and womans...''
I has always thougts that these Two you can to compare with together because the are bouth SO magnifique and SO changeable!!!-)*
When I am busy with a making of sketches or making one of my gown for all various orders I keep saying to my clinets:''Look at me...you are SO special and only You can be SO beautiful as you are!!!
And than all of unimaginable real beauty comes out!-)))*

These whimsical idea- ''Flowers-Woman inspiration'' has fascinating many,many artists...
Here is some of those enchanting ideas***

Spring is time to make some changes, isn't it?
I wish for all of us an unexplainable misteriously chagings in the life my dear,lovely,beauties:-)***

Next week is Easter week,my dear Ladies!-)*
I have one lovely item for these White wings Day...

Many ,many Love and warmly hugs,

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RosesMarijke zei

Hi Violetta!!

Hartelijk dank voor je lieve woorden...

Wat een schitterende foto's staan er weer bij je....het geeft echt een lente gevoel om die prachtige bloemen creaties te zien!!
Ik hou ook erg van bloemen...vooral rozen...en geniet van al dat moois om ons heen!!
Love and Blessings,

Diana by Lagoa Design Studio zei

Oh, my sweet Violetta, the pictures are incredible wonderful!!! I love. love, love them, especially those ladies with flower dresses!!! I'm inspired...



Precious Violetta, I am IN LOVE with these images!!! And your words about women & flowers are beautiful. I hope you will allow me to use them, please. You are simply amazing and so very talented. All you need is someone with $$ to invest and you would be famous instantly. Much love from Texas, Marsha


V...did you do the drawing illustration of the beautiful woman in this post? Marsha

Sue Jack Designs zei

Magnificent, Violetta! Your latest post is so inspiring! It came at a much need time for me, too....lots of rain and snow here and it's made me little gloomy....
Hollywood hugs, Darling....

lorenabr zei

The wedding dress is fab :) love flowers


Hi Violetta! These images are gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing them and brightening up this dreary rainy day :) Hope you have a lovely week! xoxo

Nancy zei

What beautiful photos and sketches! I love so many of these dresses, especially the flower petal wedding dress. Gorgeous!

mimi charmante zei

I absolutely adore your spring photos! That first one is fabulous! I too am so very ready for spring!
Have a lovely week mon amie,

Mandy Higgs zei

I Love this post sweetie!! So beautiful and full of life:D Spring has Sprung! Much love to you dear friend!

Cher' Shots zei

You are so very talented, both in artistry and design. Don't ever stop ~ continue to share your gift.

Val's Filigree Fancies zei

Hi Violette, your blog is such beautiful eye-candy - love this post, love the fashions, love your enthusiasm that spring has arrived in your part of the world. Us here, we are nearly into winter :( - but that is OK too :D

Hope you have a wonderfully Happy Easter - lots of hugz to you my friend, Val xoxoxoxo

Inspiration in Italy zei

Each and every photo is beautiful, thank you for this gorgeous Spring inspiration today!!! :)


Couture Millinery Atelier. zei

Violetta, kakoi potryasauschii post! Ya obojau dizainy iz zvetov i ochen' lublu zvety v zelom. Oni dlya mesnya slyjat beskonechnym vdoxhnoveniem!!! Tyt mi s vami ochen' poxoji.Mne ochen' ponravilas' podborka fotografii - vse s bol'shim vkusom. Prekrasno napisano!!! Obnimau i jelau prekrasnoi nedeli vperedi. :-))))
P.S. Za eti tyfli ot Viktora i Rol'fa na poslednei foto mojno s radost'u vzoiti na plaxy.:-)))

its simple love zei

These pictures are astonishing? Where did you find them all? this is the perfect post for spring. I love the dresses made of flowers. I've never seen anything like it. And thank you for your kind words in your last comment.


Taj Acosta zei

Violetta you doll! I love this post! That first picture is beautiful no! A woman as a flower is so true. We are each a gorgeous bloom :) I hope you have a wonderful spring and a very blessed week my dear! xoxo

My Grama's Soul zei

Oh Violetta...I missed this post. It is absolutely gorgeous.

As always, thanks for stopping by and your sweet comments.