maandag 15 maart 2010

My lucky Sunday in Amsterdam!-)*

Hello,my dearest Ladies!

The beautiful Springtime in tehe air..and we go out!-)*
I have desided to share with all of you about my unexpected very nice Sunday...
My girlfriend Natasha lives in Amsterdam and she has invited me to drink cup of tea in the sity.
It was not so good weather...some rain and so fresh wind, but Natasha knows very good what you can do in the sity!-)*
At first it was a realy joyful and sweet cup of tea there!-)
And Natasha shared with me about her passion...for the new brand in shoes!
The United Nude brand launched in 2003 with the ‘Möbius’ shoe. Since then, United Nude has established itself as an iconic brand at the intersection between design and fashion...

I was suprised,because these brand I din't know yet and I'd like it very much too!-)*
I must thinking about an Architecture in fashion...So great design and such a great quality was there!

And some models are So elegant!

And finaly...!-)))
I've bought this one dreamly,elegant and just fabulous chic shoes:

My opinion is: the nice shoes made you ground appearance off!

By the way... exactly as a stylish hat!!!
Here Iam absolutely agree with my dearest  friend  from the Blogland-Anya Caliendo!!!-)***
Have a wonderful inspired week my darlings!-)))
***The great Springtime in the air and these lovely tulips and giasints are for you!!!***
Much love,

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RosesMarijke zei

Hi Violetta

Wat fijn dat je een leuk weekend hebt gehad...heerlijk er even uit, dat doet een mens goed!!

En wat een mooie schoenen...schitterend die ontwerpen!!
En wat een mooi bloemetje blij van te worden!!


Inspiration in Italy zei

What beautiful shoes! Sounds like an amazing Sunday! :)


Couture Carrie zei

What a lovely day, darling!

Love all those shoes!


Blondie zei

Wow look at those gorgeous shoes! I am so jealous! I wish I could visit Amsterdam or any other country for that matter. Thank you for the comments on my 1940's pics post honey. Hope you are doing well. Kori xoxo

luthien zei

awww... what fun!! and oooo beautiful shoes indeed!

Angela Harris zei

The first photo of those black shoes are SO cool!
I can't believe your sketches and dresses. INCREDIBLE!!
Thank you so much for coming by my blog!
You are the sweetest inspiration :)
~Angela Harris


looks like you had a lot of fun! those shoes are beautiful works of art!

and thanks for the tulips and all of your sweet comments!


mimi charmante zei

what a beautiful city and the shoes - oh la la!
have a wonderful week mon amie,


What lovely shoes, Violetta! Glad that you had a good weekend in Amsterdam. I love it there :)

Hope you're having a nice week, dear!


Mandy Higgs zei

Hey sweetie!! love the comments you give ,
they are so dear to me, your gowns that you design are breath taking!!! i would love to someday own a dress so beautiful!
Have an awesome week lov!


Thank you for posting the Mario Badescu contest Violetta! You're so sweet!

Hope you're having an amazing week!

lorenabr zei

Great you had a fab day:) the shoes look v good

Kat zei

thanks so much :)
wow, the shoes in the second pic are great!

The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after zei

An elegant choice and I love, love the purple pair.
All the very best dearest.