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´´Fashion & Style-Beauty Icons through the 20th century´´

Hello,my dear friends,my beautiful Ladies!-)***

Last time I am busy with my new order and these is a making of costume skatches for a new show in a theatre.These is a long progect and trully I am glad that I can do it,because a person which going it about is a really special person. And her name is- Mata Hari.
You’ve heard it, admit it, you you have. Any dame involved in anything the least bit manipulative in nature or related to espionage and she instantly and incorrectly merits the name a “Mata Hari”.
Double Agent or naive floozy? The world may never know the true story of Margarethe Zelle (1876-1917), a Dutch exotic dancer and courtesan, that has captured popular imagination as an international woman of mystery during WWI.
Margaretha Gertrude Zelle was born in Lee warden in the Netherlands .
As a daughter to a Dutch businessman. August on 7 /1876 ....

  The store of father Zelle, he sold hats and caps. Margaretha has born above the store.
Adam Zelle was a well-to-do hatter. Bud when he abandoned his family, and separate, from Margaretha’s mother Antje died soon after, the teenage girl found herself in dreadful circumstances.

She travelled throughout Europe for actions in Berlin, Madrid, Monte Carlo and Vienna In 1911, she even acted as s Venus in the opera temple of Milan, the Scala. But the first world war would make an
abrupt end to her career as a dancer. In august 1914 her contract with the Berlin Metro pole Theatre was broken.                       

 The public was extremely enthusiastically and also the newspapers wrote praising concerning her actions. A journalist of press wrote: nobody has ever dared to do it this way, trembling of ecstasy and
without vales, stepping for the god, with such clean gestures, so dared and nevertheless pure! She is a Najade, a sister of nymphs, and Walkure, created to lead men to their perdition. As from that moment Margaretha's personality took a high flight.


Paris 1905. Mata Hari Dance in ParisThat at the beginning of this century, everyone's talking about.
Her short stay there however became a fiasco, but in 1904, she was back and her star was rising since then. Margaretha now used the name: Mata Hari After a initial difficult start as a circus artist and painters model, Margaretha in 1905 became a hit in the Parisian society world. As the oriental dancer Mata Hari (Malays for Eye of the Day, or The Sun) she acted in the museum of Oriental Art Dressed in nothing else then a sarong and a jewel decorated bust holder, Mata Hari danced the, so-called official oriental dances, for the god Shiva.
Mata Hari again is in the picture. This way shies in high spirit’s It was not easy for her to stand still
for a longer time, Mata Hari always loved to be photographed and not exclusively in her "dancing costume"
she would give anything to get the attention.

Margaretha Gertrude Zelle was born in Lee warden in the Netherlands .
As a daughter to a Dutch businessman. August on 7 /1876 ,
and executed October 15/ 1917 as a spy during World War 1.

And these photos are from old and very nice cinema,where amazing Marlen Ditrich plaed the rol of Mata Hari.She aws also beautiful,and SO special persoon!

Here in Netherland I know one flowers boutigue...and he's name is also ''Mata Hari''.
Gorgeus memory for a fabulous woman!!!

I got very very,very much  information about this amazing person and  nice woman.I hope that story is also intersting for you,my dear friends!-)***

Have a marvelous ,beauty Valentine day,my dear Ladies!!!

With much Love,Violetta***



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luthien zei

oh wow!! what a fabulous post with the most beautiful images of mata hari! i have never seen such a wonderful collection of photos!! and i didn't know she was executed ... gosh! she is the epitome of a mysterious beauty...

i wonder why she took on the malay influenced name mata hari ...since i feel that her work and costumes are more influenced by the indian culture. mata hari indeed means the eye of the day if written separately ... if you put matahari as one word , it is the sun.

thank you for sharing this very very intriguing and indeed interesting post!! looking forward to more :)

happy valentine's day violetta :))

Couture Carrie zei

Gorgeous post, darling V!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Kat zei

greta garbo is fantastic, a real style icon.

AVY zei


mimi charmante zei

Violetta - that was amazing! Not only was this a story I hadn't ready before, but your english is wonderful. As I am guessing it is not your first language, I am so incredibly impressed that you blog in english. I am studying French but would never try to blog en francais! You are so fabulous!

Couture Millinery Atelier. zei

О, да. Это именно то, что я называю чистым волшебством характера. оНа ведь была далеко не красавица, но всегда оставалась самой привлекательной для многих мужчин. Невероятная талия! И эти костюмы - просто божественны!
Марлен Дитирих - невероятная красавица, а фотография Маргариты в шляпе просто завораживает! Виолетта, спасибо за прекрасный пост и изумительную подборку фотографий.

The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after zei

She is one of my 100 women that influence just love Mata Hari. Also I've given you an award do with it as you please, no pressure just my way of saying I dig your blog.
Warm regards,

Inspiration in Italy zei

So inspiring! I hope you had an amazing Valentine's Day!


Mademoiselle Frou-Frou zei

oh how lovely...and risque! i especially love Marlien Dietrecht's interpretation of the look.
xox alison

Blondie zei

Great post honey! What lovely photos. I hope you are doing well and have a great weekend! Kori xoxo

Couture Millinery Atelier. zei

Виолетта, остановилась чтобы пожелать вам замечательного уикенда!!! :-) Надеюсь что вы блистательно прощаетесь с зимой, ведь она почти подходит к концу. Я не могу в это поверить

Plumrose Lane zei

I always enjoy reading both of your blogs because you post different photographs sometimes and the differences are enchanting!
Thank you my dear friend, Violetta~

Duchess of Tea zei

Violetta darling,

Another gorgeous post full of interesting writing and beautiful photos. To be quite honest, I had never heard of her. Reading her bio, I think of her as a fascinating person, so full of energy and drive. I learn so much by visiting your blog, thanks for sharing all of this info and beauty with us. .

Good Monday to you my darling friend.

Love & Hugs

Niki zei

Great blog! I love the sketches! Amazing!