zondag 7 februari 2010

´´Enchanted Dolls´´

Helo my dear friends!-)*
I am under a very deep impression about the art of Marina Bychkova!!!She is a russia girl and she has emigrated to Canada.She is a big artist ,she make the Enchanted dolls.
I would like to share with you her amazing,stunning work...
And she is only 27 years old!-)* Enjoy...

Marina Bychkova is a doll sculptor born in the South-Western Siberia, Russia in 1982. She says: “Making dolls has been the most constant aspect of my life since i was six years old”..”I believe that I was born to do this”…and…”I find nothing more boring and thoughtless than another girly girl doll with blond curls and a puffy dress holding a teddy bear”…ehheeh!!

Marina Bychkova is an artist from Vancouver, Canada with an amazing gift. Marina creates porcelain dolls with a very impressive level of detail. Her style is unique and her dolls are of the highest quality. Along with creating the dolls, Marina also hand-crafts their jewelry and clothes. For complete information on Marina’s work (including an explanation of how her dolls are made) head over to her website, Enchanted Doll.

Isn´t Amazing,nforgetable Art,my dearest friends???!!!-)))***

Dolls perhaps fascinate us because of their beauty; their utility as both artwork and plaything; their physical manifestation of our inner dreams; their ability to allow the fantasy of control. We can hold a fantasy in our hands – a beautiful woman, a powerful hero, a child we can raise with love or any number of other permutations. Dolls are a medium, and their stories are endless.

These dolls by Marina Bychkova of The Enchanted Doll are absolutely sublime and slightly insane in their beauty. With fully articulated ball joints, idealized, yet realistic bodies in porcelain (not 'neutered' or sexless), incredible costumes of beads and gemstones, and painted in lustrous fleshtones, the dolls look like real, perfect people. Unbelievably, Marina Bychkova is a young, beautiful girl, much like her dolls--younger than such talent indicates (though she has been making dolls since age 6). We can only imagine what she will create as she continues her exploration of both fabric, jewelry making and her preferred medium of porcelain.

Adorably, a really Art!
I was higt inspired with Marina's unforgetable dolls!-)))***

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Couture Carrie zei

What exquisite dolls, darling!
And I love that little chest of drawers, too!


The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after zei

I could not look away. They are simply stunning.
Warm regards,

silk purse zei


I am delighted that you visited my blog a little wlile ago, and now that I have returned from my rest and 'blog nap', I have also come to visit you..,

I will share my new art as soon as it is ready; (I will be awhile yet, as I am also busy writing as of late).., Thanks for the artistic inspiration, as well as for the words of encouragement reference my own artistic creations!

Cheers from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

Plumrose Lane zei

Oh Violetta!
Thank you so much for introducing us to this remarkably talented artist!! Her work is absolutely exquisite beyond words and I am a new fan!!

Wishing you a beautiful week dear one~

Inspiration in Italy zei

Wow, so beautiful. That is certainly talent!


Couture Millinery Atelier. zei

Виолетта, какой замечательный талант и какое необыкновенное внимание к каждой детали! Я верю что именно в деталях кроется прекрасный образ и этот пост прямое доказательство моим убеждениям. невероятные куклы - каждая просто как изумительный сон.

Dustjacket Attic zei

Oh she is such an artist, indeed she was born to make such beautiful, amazing pieces of art. I LOVE them, they have such a peaceful feel to them. The maker is such a gorgeous girl herself, what hair!

Thank you so much for posting on this,

hugs DJ

Blondie zei

Wow these are gorgeous...stunning photos. Thanks for the comments on my Disney post...you have to visit sometime! Kori xoxo

silk purse zei

Thanks for visitng so many of my teas, you always leave such lovely comments!..,

Take care and enjoy creating; I cannot wait to see what you'll post next my dear!

Cheers from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

Couture Millinery Atelier. zei

Виолетта, от души желаю вам прекрасного Дня Святого Валентина, наполненного любовью и радостью! Замечательного уикенда вам и вашей семье!:-)))


The dolls are simply stunning! Here is something I have left you to let you know how special you are!


Hugs, Kymberly

Couture Carrie zei

P.S. Happy weekend, darling V!


Duchess of Tea zei

Violetta darling, wishing you a lovely weekend and a loved filled Valentine’s Day.

Love & Hugs

Hetty Summers zei

I stumbled upon your blog, through Rose Tea Cottage, the Duchess's blog. I am a new blogger and very excited about the blogging experience. So far, I have very little posted on my blog, I spend most of my time looking at blogs and forming ideas.

Hetty xx

Mandy Higgs zei

Hey Sweetie!!!! love the dolls,,,omg there so priceless
thanks for all you comments:D you make my day girl!

RosesMarijke zei

Lieve Violetta!!
Hartelijk dank voor je lieve berichtje op mijn blog en de complimentjes!!
Maar mag ik ze gelijk teruggeven...want ik zie bij jou ook zoveel moois!!Wat een talent...het lijkt me zo heerlijk om zoveel moois te kunnen maken en te ontwerpen.....ik heb daar zoveel bewondering voor!En bedankt dat je zulke fotos hebt laten zien van die ontroerend mooie poppen..gewoon adembenemd mooi!liefs en xxxxx van Marijke...tot schrijfs...fijn weekend!!

Bubu zei

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