dinsdag 2 februari 2010

Amazing Fong Leng

The woman on the left is the legendary Fong Leng***

Dutch/Chinese designer who was extremely popular during the seventies in Holland. She was specialized in monumental dress/jackets. Her muse was the extravagant woman on the right, Mathilde Willink, who always wore Fong Leng.***

 Fong Leng still is quite an important influence for Dutch designers like Viktor & Rolf, who paid tribute to her in 2002. This morning Fong Leng said she didn't know that, and was still a little angry because they didn't tell her. When young she always visited London because she was fond of Biba. She also has a message for all you young and starting designers: follow your heart!
***This  wonderful creation was build from lether and also panting above maked them incredible... 
''Leopard dress''

Today she signed her book.It is in Dutch.
Fong Leng today, a gorgeous lady!*
This woeman gives me a lot of inspirations in my work!-)*

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BonjourRomance zei

Bonjour Violetta,
Fascinating post, I have never heard of FOng-Leng before, but I see now why she caused such a sensation in the seventies.
I love what you've done to your blog. Is that you in the photo with the pink flowers? Beautiful!

luthien zei

wow!! her creations are definitely unique and really rich!!


Hi Violetta!

I totally love her work! And such an interesting fact about Viktor & Rolf! Thanks for sharing :)


Couture Carrie zei

That coat is exquisite!


Couture Millinery Atelier. zei

Виолетта, спасибо за интрoдакцию - я действительно ничего не знала об этой уника;ьной женщине. Мне кажется она безумно таланатлив, немного сумашедша и мне бы очень хотелось пообщаться с ней за чашечкой чая в вашей компании :-) Обнимаю вас и желаю вам прекрасного уикенда.