dinsdag 26 januari 2010

History from magazine ´´Life´´stay in my heart...

I get this information from an internet and I was glad such as a child!-)
May be is it little bit funny,but for me it meant SO mach because I love ''Dior imperia'' and I look at that amazing old photoshoots-really beautiful!!!***

During the 1959, the Soviet Union officially allowed fashion shows, and stopped persecution of people in trendy clothes. That decision created a preferrable atmosphere and allowed Madame Suzanne Lulling—who was the Head of Dior Salon at the time—to organize a fashion show in Moscow. The show took place in House of Culture "Wings of the Soviets", decorated in the french tri-colors. There were 11,000 invitations for "défilé" which were sent only to the higher members of Communist party and to Soviet elite.

Thanks for this images from ''TopFoto''
                                                 *Simply PERFECT!*

                                   Decollete - by Christian Dior
A simple black crepe short cocktail dress which fits without a wrinkle over his exclusive foundation garment shows a new low in necklines. The high placed belt fastens with a fantasy button. Modelled by Alla, top Dior model, with a back to front bonnet in white ottoman and rows of opalescent pearls.

24 February 1955                      

And amazing elegance of Dior stay every day with us,inspire me and give me more nice moments in the life!-)***


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Dustjacket Attic zei

Oh so stylish and elegant, wonderful Dior.

Dustjacket Attic zei

Me again, I found those pictures from the Soviet so interesting, the models are so chic.

I travelled through Russia many years ago as a teenager with my family.

My Passport to Style zei

Hi there,thanks for visiting My Passport to Style and for your comments.Great post,dior is fabulous! I am now following you,so I don't miss a thing! Sharon xox

luthien zei

wow!! such interesting vintage pictures!! the ladies of those days have so much class and elegance, you practically could worship them at their feet!!

Blondie zei

Wow those photos of the Soviet Union are so interesting and amazing! Great post honey! Kori xoxo

Couture Millinery Atelier. zei

Виолетта, моя дорогая и чудесная! Эти фотографии о доме посщении Дома Диор Москвы стали мощным толчком для создаnия моей второй Коллекции "Россия Волшебная. Посвящение." Виолетта, cxодите на мой сайт www.anyacaliendo.com в раздел коллекции и нажмите на "Россия Волшебная", ничего не пропускайте, там есть презентация со звуком. А пост на эту тему я готовлю и скоро выпущу в Английской версии и Русской. Обнимаю.

Couture Carrie zei

Intriguing post and lovely pictures, darling!



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Duchess of Tea zei

My darling Violetta I popped in to wish you a love filled February full of blessings. Luv, these photos are amazing and the post interesting. I see you know lovely Anya too. I am so happy for you darling.

Love & Hugs


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i appreciated your lovely comment....ciao!