zaterdag 16 januari 2010

Following from Hermitage in Amsterdam...

Anna Paulowna 1795 - 1865.

I was proud about the History...becouse this famous woeman was as the gueen of Netherland between 1840-1849,and she was a russian.

If i look at her,i think:''she made a choice for her life in Holland in 1840,and i made my choice now in 2000 year...''

Anna Pavlovna, though queen of the Netherlands, remained above all a Russian grand duchess. Her name lives on in the Noord-Holland polder named after her, located in the municipality which, since 1845, has borne the name of Anna Paulowna.

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Michael St. James zei

You're very talented. Love your sketches and designs! thanks for sharing and lovely blog!

Duchess of Tea zei

Violetta darling I love your blog background so very lovely. The photos are fabulous. Thanks for the kind comment you left I my blog, you are a good friend.

Love & Hugs

Couture Carrie zei

So gorgeous!