zondag 10 augustus 2014

Summer pure love moments and challenges....

Hello,all my dear friends!
Do you can imagine that the Summer beauty is almost over?...........
Every day since this week I can feel more cooled evenings and chilly mornings and the afternoons are very soft,really relaxed warm,so pretty.

Images from my little garden.....

And it feels like a slow way to the seasonal changes.....

And,of course,not only that.....!:)*

But today is lazy Sunday and I want to pay attention to my memories flow about the beautiful season of the year-the Summer:)*

If do you know maybe I have tremendous love for photography....and do it always when it's possible.
Also can't resist it keep in my pc fabulously nice images from internet:)))*
These is a pure LOVE moments,when do you see some incredibly beautiful expressions of nature or if you just look pretty everyday things around you....

Last morning I've enjoyed these breakfast:)
Is these delicious Dutch strawberries with kiwis not very pretty inspiration?!............
Today I look back to all gorgeous and very lovely and fun  time.

  This quote helps me sometimes when I do get nervous or unhappy....:)

Irresistible and wonderful moments together.............

Dreamy vacation in Positano Italy.............

Laugh and enjoy your grandchild and your dog:)

My little Violet with a very clever Tesse:)*

go to the party and suddenly seen and being admired ....

Or are inspired by your customer and make an illustration a very nice custom-made garment.
It takes a lot of time but I got unimaginable satisfaction moments..........
Proudly look I at the results:)*

And following your heart: keep watching most beautiful changes and progress in fashion.....:)))
This is TIMELESS photoshot of Linda Evangelista,wich makes me so inspirational every time!


Ulyana Sergeenko Couture Fall 2014 impressed me....

Ulyana Sergeenko Couture Fall 2014 impressed me....

Before we can do this pretty summer waving goodbye,I want to express my feeling in these enchanting words,just a little reminder....

One of my favorite actress and a very beautiful woman Juliette Binoche was always so specialand touchable inspiring to me ....

Oh.... and so timeless elegant and marvelous charming Daria Werbowy.

''May your day be filled
with blessings,like the
Sun that light the sky....
And may you always have 
to spread your wings

Much love,

maandag 28 juli 2014

Magnificent Granada,Andalusia....by Anita´s Europe Irresistible Link Party:)*

Hello,everyone,all my dear friends!
 It's very exciting to join the Link Party by very special wonderful blogfriend Anita of Castel Crowns & Cottages. 
 ''We are each gifted in a unique and important way. It is our privilege and our adventure to discover our own special light.''~~Evelyn Dunbar

                        image via: http://www.fashionedbylove.co.uk/
I invite you to a very memorable and absolutely irresitible place..... in Granada,Andalusia.You can ask my WHY?....
 Oh,I have many reasons to tell you why!:)*
 You can feel this atmosphere immediately when the city Granada in drive....

As soon as you drive in,you can smell the Sun and the air of Spain and city Granada...
Puerto de Alvira,welcome.

And all those vibrant colors around you,which makes you so lively:)))*

.....here you live on the street to a full late evening enjoying the life in all the small and simple things!

Balmy nights, delicious food and of course tasteful wine made ​​you travel pefect,guys!:)))*

Passionate flamenco dance takes you to a world full of love and flame!

At once, I walked down the street and saw this shop....
I can't resist it not to share it with you,my dear ladies!:)*

I could not get my eyes off and do not get enough of this particular beautiful wedding and evening dresses.
Pronovias is a family firm that began life in El Suizo,a prestigious Barcelona store that specialised in lace,embroidery and high-quality silk fabrics founded by Alberto Palatchi Bienveniste in 1922.
And today or the day:
50 years after its creation,Pronovias is the worldwide leader of the bridal industry.
Mostly dreamy wedding dress,always devine and inspirational to me...............

These images are from Pronovias website,new collection 2015...

And now I came to the highest point of my story.
ALHAMBRA is a relly special place in the world that invites us feel and reflect....

We made our journey over there one year ago and those time is truly never-to-be-forgotten for me!

(This one image from internet...)

Throughtout its history the Alhambra has experienced many transformations,Granada keeping testimonies of each period.
The decision to build the Palce in th Alhambra symbolized the triumph of Chrisianity over Islam.

All the time you spent in this place drags you along to the distant history,you just kept silence by all these handmade monuments....Not ot describe in any woords!

You can smell the scents of history.....

And irresistible aroma's of all flowers around of you:)*

Isn't it a Paradise on Earth?!....

May be my story is very long,but I have tale you only a very little part of....:)*


Much Love,

All images in Granada taken by me.