donderdag 6 maart 2014

Inspirational mood by VM Creation Atelier....

Hello,all my dear friends!
Wedding dress is really special item!
Isn't it?....
Some girls dreaming about a very big, and very sweet,full of sparkles and glitters- kind of ballroom dress like a princess...:)*
And another one want just simple,elegant and stylish.

I want to share with you one of the last creative ideas by my Studio...
Illustrated by me:)*-Watercolor and pastel pencil.
I love to work with a wedding dresses especially for the one person,for someone who wants to design and make a real dream for that one important day in his life............
Adorable fabrics wil be used here,gold printed silk and absolutely gorgeous quality french lace!

Here's a few little inside look into my workspace...

Isn't exciting to see HOW an idea is born....and create and coming true?!
The whole process from design and making this dream take  huge time,but  you will have something very special and particularly what is only easiness for you!

all the little flowers were decorated with Swarovsky crystals....

Here must come just little finishing touch for some little details,wich are SO important for my favorite work....

All images taken by VM Creation Atelier.

Wishing ALL of you creative,productive and a very happy week ahead!

Much Love,

maandag 10 februari 2014

Look ahead & restarting

I say hello to each and everyone! To people who read my blog and for all my dear friends!:)*


To be honest,it was enormously busy,but absolutely enchanting time to me........... Traveling trhough South Africa and visiting my most beloved and treasured family in Russia.
But I have a few orders to get in progress soon by ''VM Creation Atelier''.

You know....LOVE is in the air and here in my Studio the bustling time is already started!:)*

Images by ''VM Creation Atelier''

Wishing all of you a week full of motions and lovely changes:)*
Much Love,